The Baloch struggle

Quetta: 27 March, 2012 was spent commemorating the 27 March, 1948. That was the day Pakistan Army occupied Balochistan. In the Baloch prism this occupation is termed illegal, inhuman, and unlawful. But for the Pakistani narrative Balochistan’s demand for independence was out of question. At the time of partition states and provinces could either secede . . . → Read More: The Baloch struggle

Ominous Silence

Recently the Parliamentary Committee on National Security decided to take Pakistan’s foreign policy to the floor of representatives and argue and debate relatively au courant terms of engagement with USA. While the opposition did sneer at the fact that these recommendations are not binding, non-state actors aka DPC, JI and Al- Zawahiri warned against re-opening . . . → Read More: Ominous Silence

Knights in Shining Armor

By Nida Afaque

Every day we hear news about strategies for defeating terrorism with latest weapons and new technologies. The foresight of highly trained knights will overcome the evil forces. Global leaders and intelligence agencies attest that their “well thought out” techniques will render maximum fulfillment of goals and soon the conflict will be resolved . . . → Read More: Knights in Shining Armor

Pakistan’s fastest supercomputer

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) inaugurated its fastest supercomputing facility in a ceremony held on Tuesday at its Research Centre for Modeling and Simulation (RCMS).

The ceremony was presided over by Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC) Dr Javaid Laghari.

Speaking at the ceremony, Principal RCMS Engr Sikandar Hayat highlighted some of the unique . . . → Read More: Pakistan’s fastest supercomputer

How important is social media for Pakistan’s elections?

In Pakistan, we have yet to witness a revolution a la Arab Spring, however, that has not stopped social media users from rattling about the impact the medium has and would have on politics. With the general elections round the corner, some analysts have gone to the extent of predicting that social media will influence . . . → Read More: How important is social media for Pakistan’s elections?

Efroze Chemicals’ officials granted bail

LAHORE: Additional District and Sessions Judge Sheraz Kiani on Thursday granted bails to Director Technical Khurram Munaf and General Manager Plant Shakeel Ahmed Khan of Efroze Chemical Industries (Pvt) Ltd, accused of showing negligence which claimed the lives of nearly 150 cardiac patients registered with the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC).

. . . → Read More: Efroze Chemicals’ officials granted bail

Examining female participation in parliaments

Examining female participation rates in parliaments reveals a new picture of women’s rights across the globe.

The war in the US over women’s reproductive rights is appalling. The all-men panel at the congressional hearing that discussed female contraception was patently offensive as much as it was ironic. The pressure on women’s health in the US . . . → Read More: Examining female participation in parliaments

Younis Habib admits being coerced by Ghulam Ishaq and Aslam Beg to arrange Rs. 340 million

A frail-looking Younus Habib, who headed the now defunct Mehran Bank, spilled the beans in the Mehrangate-IJI case on Thursday when he revealed in his first-ever statement before the Supreme Court that he had been forced by former president late Ghulam Ishaq Khan and former army chief Aslam Beg to arrange Rs340 million in the . . . → Read More: Younis Habib admits being coerced by Ghulam Ishaq and Aslam Beg to arrange Rs. 340 million

Breaking Boundaries

For a country that appears frequently in international headlines, most people worldwide have little knowledge about the real Pakistan. Its role in the war on terror is of great interest but few have fully explored what values, beliefs and ambitions of the natives really are. The dominant discourse about Pakistanis is of a traditional, patriarchal, . . . → Read More: Breaking Boundaries

Avoid becoming an emotional wreck

One of the cornerstones of alcoholism recovery is a concept called emotional sobriety. The idea is that alcoholics and other addicts hoping to stay sober over the long haul must learn to regulate the negative feelings that can lead to discomfort, craving and—ultimately—relapse. Doing so is a lifelong project and requires cultivating a whole new . . . → Read More: Avoid becoming an emotional wreck