Here’s why you might want to join the Taliban too

Eavesdropping used to be my hobby, and sort of still is. But especially when it’s a conversation about one of my uncles wanting to join the Taliban, this incessant need for unnecessary gossip becomes a blessing. I wasn’t shocked really. It was my mom and aunt discussing the matter on the other side of the . . . → Read More: Here’s why you might want to join the Taliban too

Karachi University student accuses supervisor for plagiarizing her thesis

Higher Education Commission (HEC) has received a case of plagiarism in which a student of Karachi University has alleged that her teacher stole her thesis and got it published with her name to get financial benefits, Dawn has learnt reliably.

According to sources, Mehwish Hameed, a PhD Scholar in Botany from Karachi University has alleged . . . → Read More: Karachi University student accuses supervisor for plagiarizing her thesis

The Canadian “MintChip”

By Karen Weise

Coins may have been around since before the Caesars, but Canada is trying to make them extinct. The Royal Canadian Mint wants to create the “MintChip,” a digital way to replace coins for small transactions like buying a cup of coffee. Canada has already planned to phase out the penny and . . . → Read More: The Canadian “MintChip”

US Secret Service’s scandal is no longer a secret

By David Nakamura and Ed O’Keefe

President Obama said Sunday that he wants the investigation of the prostitution scandal that led 11 U.S. Secret Service agents to be returned home from Cartagena, Colombia, where they had been sent to provide protection for him, to be thorough and rigorous. . . . → Read More: US Secret Service’s scandal is no longer a secret

There’s something about Pakeezah

By Raza Ali Sayeed

“Aap ke paon dekhey, Bahut haseen hain, Inhen zameen par mat utariyega, Mailey ho jayengey.”

If a list was made of the most memorable dialogues from Indian films, the above line by Raj Kumar to Meena Kumari in the classic “Pakeezah” would almost certainly be on it. It reflects an . . . → Read More: There’s something about Pakeezah

The war against freedom

Last summer in the wake of the London riots, British Prime Minister David Cameron insisted that the government should have the power to censor social media and “stop [alleged rioters] from communicating via these websites”. But after Cameron’s plan was widely compared to the tactics of former Egypt President Hosni Mubarak – not to mention . . . → Read More: The war against freedom

Aitzaz: The federation’s own

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) stalwart Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan has replaced Babar Awan to represent the federation in the presidential reference to reopen Zulfikar Ali Bhutto case filed in the Supreme Court.

A well-placed source informed APP that the decision had been taken in principle keeping in view the fact that Babar Awan’s license had been . . . → Read More: Aitzaz: The federation’s own

Liberalism missing the point

By Charles Davis

The ‘prominent liberal’ misses the point that it is not politicians, but the system itself, which is corrupt.

Once upon a time – say, three years ago – your average Democrat appeared to care about issues of war and peace. When the man dropping the bombs spoke with an . . . → Read More: Liberalism missing the point

Man imprisoned for bankrupting Seattle children’s charity

The former treasurer of a children’s charity who raided the fund to supplement his already ample earnings could face nearly three years in federal prison.

. . . → Read More: Man imprisoned for bankrupting Seattle children’s charity

Sindh’s shisha ban

By Dr. Amyn Malik

The Sindh Government supposedly banned shisha smoking in the province for two months, starting March 26 this year, and vowed to take strict action against those who violated it from April 1. I use the word ‘supposedly‘ because the ban hasn’t gone into practice in the streets of Karachi as . . . → Read More: Sindh’s shisha ban