What’s this ‘special’ paan

Bhai jaan! Yahaan sub milta hai: meetha paan, tambaaku wala paan, khushboo wala paan aur aap kay liye khaas, special paan.

(Brother, you will find everything here; sweet paan, tobacco paan, scented paan, and just for you, a very special paan.)

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Fashion fail

Fashion is not just what you wear. Sometimes, it’s a statement; sometimes, it’s a call to action. But in Pakistan, fashion is resilience – an ‘in your face’ to the forces that aim to destroy the country.

Pakistani fashion is fast evolving into the counter-narrative that will put this nation on the fast-track to progress.

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Vintage car rally held in Lahore

The Lahore Chambers of Commerce and Industry second Vintage Car Rally started from the Liberty Market and ended outside the LCCI and provided Lahoris an opportunity to watch classic vehicles rolling in front of them on city roads.

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Olympic legend Terry Spinks passes away

Terry Spinks, who won boxing gold at the 1956 Olympics at the age of only 18, has died at the age of 74.

East Londoner Spinks, the youngest Briton to win an Olympic boxing gold medal, died at his Essex home after a long illness.

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Pakistan’s low economic growth leaves 1.3 million people jobless

Pakistan’s economy grew by 3.2%, which is much below the official target and the required growth rate, leaving at least 1.3 million people jobless this year.

“According to a provisional assessment, gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 3.2% in the financial year 2011-12 ending June 30,” said Sohail Ahmad, Secretary of Statistics Division, after chairing . . . → Read More: Pakistan’s low economic growth leaves 1.3 million people jobless

Extending education systems

By Faisal Bari

THE Beaconhouse School System is among the largest private-sector schools systems in the region. There are some other for-profit private school systems in the country as well such as Lahore Grammar and City.

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How to solve unemployment?

Rising unemployment, especially for young people. Here’s a radical solution, says commentator on office and workplace life, Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times (born 1959).

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The plight of street children

Most of Pakistan’s street children live in the teeming, southern city of Karachi. The latest estimate of numbers comes from 2005 when the UN said between 1.2 and 1.5 million children lived on Pakistan’s streets – but activists say their numbers are rising. The BBC’s Syed Shoaib Hasan investigates.

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