Mehdi Hassan, moving generations

Remembering ghazal legend Mehdi Hassan, who breathed his last in Karachi on Wednesday He had the rare ability to deliver emotions

The remarkable thing about Mehdi Hassan was that he fashioned along with Begum Akhtar a style of singing that did not exist before them.

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Ethics of advertisement

By Nadir Hassan

The late writer David Foster Wallace said this about advertising: “An ad that pretends to be art is — at absolute best — like somebody who smiles warmly at you only because he wants something from you. This is dishonest, but what’s sinister is the cumulative effect that such dishonesty . . . → Read More: Ethics of advertisement

Children of the streets

By Madeeha Ansari

Every day, I shake my finger at a little boy struggling to spray water on the windshield of my car. He is a bite-sized conman who will furiously wet and wipe a perfectly clean sheet of glass within the time it takes for a red traffic light to turn green, . . . → Read More: Children of the streets

Bigger, more isolated, with development

By Ahmad Rafay Alam

The urbanisation in Pakistan brings with it a massive demand for housing, especially in our cities. Urban areas constitute no more than three per cent of Pakistan’s total land mass, yet, are home to at least 35 per cent of its population. And if demographic projections are accurate, urbanisation . . . → Read More: Bigger, more isolated, with development

Degrees, but no education

My goal in a classroom setting has been simple; make students as uncomfortable as possible with the content of the lecture. Once they get uncomfortable with the ideas that I float, they despise me, and to prove me wrong they go back home and do research.

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Religious Fanatics turn to harass Eunuchs and She-males

MULTAN: The Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat has demanded punishment for members of the She-male Association and has accused them of spreading vulgarity in society.

Following a press conference and protest by the She-male Association on Tuesday against beating and humiliation of two of their members, Sufi Moeen, the ASWJ Muzaffargarh district president, held a press . . . → Read More: Religious Fanatics turn to harass Eunuchs and She-males

Pakistan defeats Germany at hockey in first test match

Pakistan beat Germany by 4-3 in the first test match of the two-test match series, hailing its first victory of the ongoing European tour in Cologne, Germany, DawnNews reported on Wednesday.

Captain Sohail Abbas scored all four of Pakistan’s goal in a victory which broke the Greenshirts’ losing streak of six consecutive defeats.

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