About Area 14/8

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Long ago, at a time when justice and freedom were merely buzzwords and labels, there existed a land where belief in purity, dedication in purpose and faith in identity remained the norms of society. When chaos reigned and gloom overshadowed the world, there remained but a voice that called out to all and sundry; a voice of reason, of silent suggestion amidst the cacophony of those who wish to be heard just for the sake of being heard. Fear is no policy; surrender is not an option. Right is might, and justice will be done by any means necessary. Honour is non-negotiable, and freedom is as priceless as life itself.

In the pursuit of these sacred goals, and for the defense of these ideals, Area 14/8 serves as a meeting point – a beacon – where innovative ideas and cutting edge visionaries come together and develop ways and means for contemporary society to overcome its problems; to introspect and improve; to live and to flourish.

Welcome to Area 14/8…

where your mind has no choice

except to be free…

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