The beauty and the brains – Jackie Collin

Jackie Collins, who wrote the kind of novels that tweedy English professors typically ignore or sniff at — sex-filled, escapist, utterly unpretentious — but that millions of readers devour and teenagers used to read by flashlight under the covers at night, died on Saturday in Los Angeles. She was 77.

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The youth of Lyari breaking free

If one needs to feel the pulse of Karachi, it has to be felt in a room filled with Lyari teenagers gathered for a photo exhibition after the first-ever summer photojournalism camp in Lyari arranged by the Mehrdar Art and Production (Map) institute.

“The seven-day camp was arranged free-of-charge for children who otherwise cannot . . . → Read More: The youth of Lyari breaking free

Sadequain’s Mysticism inspires the young and old alike

Mysticism Through Colours – a display of selected collection of Pakistan’s leading maestro Sadequain is serving as a treat of visual art to the youngsters and art lovers at NationalArtGallery.

Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) has dedicated a gallery to the legendary artist to pay him tribute through promotion of his art with . . . → Read More: Sadequain’s Mysticism inspires the young and old alike

Celebrating literature

By I.A. Rehman

THANK goodness, February has become Pakistan’s month of celebrating literature and the people’s successes in expressing themselves in other media. This year’s Karachi Literature Festival (KLF) and Lahore Literary Festival (LLF) appeared to have come of age.

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Reclaiming our culture

On Friday, a few young men in Faisalabad celebrated what the media termed a “mini-Basant”. The celebration was organised despite the enduring government ban against the festival. Yet the festivity was marred, as it has been in many instances before, by loss of life. Ali Hasnain succumbed to bullet injuries sustained as a result of . . . → Read More: Reclaiming our culture

Our colorless spring sky

By Aasma Farhad

As I walk under the pale blue sky today, the pre-spring breeze resounds with the distant clatters of a Basant from my childhood. A sadness settles in, as I realise it is a sound that will never ring in the ears of our new generation.

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Undertaking an unconventional path with art

“Find what you love and let it kill you.”

“I stumbled upon this quote by the German-born American writer Charles Bukowski at a very crucial stage of my life,” Naveen Shakil explains.

Caught between an inherent desire to create or pursue a more conventional path in life, Bukowski’s words came as a clear flash to . . . → Read More: Undertaking an unconventional path with art

Understanding Baloch identity

The various narratives intricately built around the problem we refer to as ‘Balochistan: Pakistan’s other war’ need to be understood in light of our colonial past and this region’s history and geography. Contextual analysis of the current scenario is of utmost importance. How the British treated various ethnicities, and helped build sharper divides because of . . . → Read More: Understanding Baloch identity

Na Maloom Afraad – A good comedy from Pakistan

The recently released Na Maloom Afraad could veritably be perceived as an insider’s roller-coaster ride through Karachi.

Director Nabeel Qureshi is very obviously a Karachi-dweller — he traverses the city, even as he regales with the story of three hapless no-gooders scheming to make a quick buck. Not that the movie won’t appeal to . . . → Read More: Na Maloom Afraad – A good comedy from Pakistan

Renowned artist / actor Maqsood Hassan passes away

Seasoned Pakistani actor Maqsood Hassan breathed his last on Wednesday at the age of 67.

The veteran radio and TV artist, whose career spanned nearly 50 years, died of a heart attack in Karachi.

Hassan was considered a great actor with burgeoning talents in the entertainment industry. He started his career from Radio . . . → Read More: Renowned artist / actor Maqsood Hassan passes away