The picture on top says it all. A mob in the background and an exultant youth in the foreground with smoke, fire and burning homes all around. This was the scene in the heart of Lahore when Christian homes were set on fire because of alleged blasphemy by a Christian who had already been booked . . . → Read More: PAKISTAN SHAMED!!

Sons of Karachi

We are the sons of Karachi. We grew up knowing danger like knowing how to ride a bicycle – memories that refuse to wear down with time. We have lived our lives with fear as a close companion. We boast the epitome of valour.

One too many a time, for one too many of us, it has taken away more . . . → Read More: Sons of Karachi

Target killings and murders must be differentiated

KARACHI: Target killing and enmity claimed four lives in Karachi on Wednesday,Express News reported.

Unknown men opened fire in Machar Colony and killed 17-year-old Yousuf, while a body, bearing torture marks, was recovered from Lea Market area. The body has not been identified yet, but the deceased is said to have been abducted before he was murdered.

. . . → Read More: Target killings and murders must be differentiated

7 killed in PPP meeting

By Mansoor Mirani and Waseem Shamsi

Six activists of Pakistan People’s Party and a reporter of a TV channel were killed and 10 people, including three reporters and administrator of Khairpur Taluka Municipal Administration, injured when a group of gunmen opened fire on a public meeting in Sadoro Janwari village on Sunday night.

. . . → Read More: 7 killed in PPP meeting

Malice in Wonderland

The debacle in Islamabad today was nothing new. Torching the diplomatic enclave? We’re capable of much worse. A businessman who refused to partake in protests in Hyderabad was accused of blasphemy, and the police registered a case against him. I supposed Haji Nasrullah Khan won’t be doing much business in Hyderabad anymore . . . → Read More: Malice in Wonderland

Why Harry should not remain royalty

Emma G Keller

Vegas? Naked? Strip billiards? Our flame-haired young buck is just too embarrassing – so we should invoke the opt-out clause

What shall we do with Prince Harry? It hasn’t even been two weeks since he represented the Queen at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics, and there he is in VEGAS, . . . → Read More: Why Harry should not remain royalty

Gurdwara shooting in Wisconsin, leaves 7 dead

A shooting at a Sikh gurdwara (temple) in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, just south of Milwaukee on Sunday left six people dead and one gunman killed by a police officer, according to authorities.

. . . → Read More: Gurdwara shooting in Wisconsin, leaves 7 dead

Bigger, more isolated, with development

By Ahmad Rafay Alam

The urbanisation in Pakistan brings with it a massive demand for housing, especially in our cities. Urban areas constitute no more than three per cent of Pakistan’s total land mass, yet, are home to at least 35 per cent of its population.  And if demographic projections are accurate, urbanisation . . . → Read More: Bigger, more isolated, with development

The hub of gangs

By Faraz Khan

While gangs and smugglers have operated in Lyari for decades, the most recent of these clashes emerged in 2002. The fallouts and gains of these fights are what has shaped the current conflict in Lyari.

In 2002, gang leader Haji Lalu controlled the drug operations in Lyari, with Rehman . . . → Read More: The hub of gangs

Bounty placed on Lyari’s most wanted criminals

KARACHI: Sindh home ministry on Tuesday announced bounty on most wanted criminals of the troubled Lyari neighbourhood of Karachi, DawnNews reported.

According to a notification issued by the ministry, head money of Rs 2 million on Uzair Baloch, Rs 3 million on Baba Ladla, Rs 1.6 million on Ibrahim Katchi, Rs 1.5 million on Rashid . . . → Read More: Bounty placed on Lyari’s most wanted criminals