Groom suffers ‘psychological trauma’ after seeing wife without makeup, sues her for fraud

Yho Algiers

A groom was so stunned to see his wife without makeup the next morning after their wedding that he mistook her for a thief and is suing her for fraud. For grooms and brides around the world, looking into each others eyes for the first time as husband and wife the morning after . . . → Read More: Groom suffers ‘psychological trauma’ after seeing wife without makeup, sues her for fraud

Russians unearth alien skeleton

Archeologists are puzzled over the ancient remains of a woman discovered on a site near Chelyabinsk, a Russian city to the east of the Ural Mountains. The approximately 2,000 year old skeleton boasts an oddly shaped skull.

The “conehead” skeleton of a woman from the Sarmati tribe, unearthed at the archaeological site of Arkaim, a . . . → Read More: Russians unearth alien skeleton

How the New York Times is erasing history

I never cease to be fascinated by the breathtaking ease with which the “liberal” New York Times and other major U.S. media outlets airbrush out of history the disastrous and criminal role Uncle Sam has played and continues to play in the world.

Take last Wednesday’s Times. On the first page and above the fold . . . → Read More: How the New York Times is erasing history

Birmingham unearths possibly World’s ‘oldest’ Koran

What may be the world’s oldest fragments of the Koran have been found by the University of Birmingham.

Radiocarbon dating found the manuscript to be at least 1,370 years old, making it among the earliest in existence.

The pages of the Muslim holy text had remained unrecognised in the university library for almost a . . . → Read More: Birmingham unearths possibly World’s ‘oldest’ Koran

Pluto still a pup

(By KENNETH CHANG) The first close-up image of Pluto has revealed mountains as tall as the Rockies, and a complete absence of craters – discoveries that, to their delight, baffled scientists working on NASA’s New Horizons mission and provided punctuation for a journey 9 1/2 years in the making.

Only 112 years after the . . . → Read More: Pluto still a pup

The Fourth Pillar

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif lately labelled the media as the fourth pillar of the state, echoing the views of the Irish statesman, author and political theorist Edmund Burke, who in 1787 coined the term in a parliamentary debate on the opening up of press reporting in the House of Commons. Mr. Nawaz Sharif . . . → Read More: The Fourth Pillar

TTP’s need for media presence

Ever since its creation in December 2007, Pakistan’s most vicious terrorist group the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has been at odds with the country’s mainstream media. At times coalescing and often intimidating, particularly against journalists whose parent companies would deny space for the TTP propaganda. Ironically, in the absence of stringent enforcement of regulations of the . . . → Read More: TTP’s need for media presence

#PAFisTooCool – Is that Tom Cruise?

Remember going gaga over Tom Cruise in Top Gun? Perfectly coiffed and impeccably uniformed Lt Pete Mitchell aka Maverick. Didn’t he take our breaths away?

. . . → Read More: #PAFisTooCool – Is that Tom Cruise?

Democracy based on image instead of ideas?

After the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in 2007, her son Bilawal had calmed down the enraged Pakistan People’s Party workers by telling them that his mother had taught him that “Democracy is the best revenge”. Democracy did return to the country the next year – and in a mellowed form, but only to the extent . . . → Read More: Democracy based on image instead of ideas?

Electronic Media Paradox

Media wars have resurfaced with a vengeance in Pakistan after the New York Times’ investigative report on Axact-a Karachi based software company created ripples across IT and media industry. While the central allegations on the IT company calling itself Pakistan’s largest software exporter are under investigation, this report has proved to be a . . . → Read More: Electronic Media Paradox