Shooting in the dark

What do you do if you think you are being threatened? You have to be clear on the exact nature of the threat and how it has been delivered. Did you get a call? Was it given in a one on one meeting? Were there witnesses? Have you received something in writing or via email? Was . . . → Read More: Shooting in the dark

Mouths louder than gun shots!

Karachi’s shooters targeted a prominent journalist and were promptly let off the hook by a segment of the media that immediately began making wild unfounded allegations about ISI (Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence Agency) being behind the attack.

The actual attackers and those who launched them must be laughing themselves silly because no one was really . . . → Read More: Mouths louder than gun shots!

Carlotta Gall: Motivated by personal grudges

Carlotta Gall’s piece in the New York Times has caused a firestorm in the media and government circles and given the Pakistani state very bitter pills to swallow. Yet the allegations and assertions she raises, articulately wrapped in personal anecdotes, are nothing new. Analysts and journalists from across the spectrum have been obsessed with making . . . → Read More: Carlotta Gall: Motivated by personal grudges

Spreading thy tentacles

Saudi Arabia’s benevolence seems to have offended more than it has appeased the average Pakistani. Can $1.5 million really make it to the world records as the most expensive gift? Perhaps that is another world record the Punjabi Chief Minister must contemplate over submitting. Are we sugarcoating aid now? Perhaps yes we are. But Pakistan . . . → Read More: Spreading thy tentacles

TTP’s failed media campaigns

ENCOURAGINGLY, the government’s negotiating committee is standing firm. Cleverly, the outlawed Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan is trying to muddy the waters further by levelling grim allegations. Yesterday, the impasse continued as the TTP announced its conditions for a ceasefire by the militants, and the government committee rejected a conditional ceasefire. The TTP claims that the security forces . . . → Read More: TTP’s failed media campaigns

Why is Indian media against Kejriwal?

Over the last few months Kejriwal and his AAP have turned the spotlight on a number of fundamental issues: one of the most important of them, which has not received the scrutiny it deserves, is the attitude of the mainstream media-primarily the elitist, English language TV channels and print media- towards the Aam Aadmi party . . . → Read More: Why is Indian media against Kejriwal?

Love the sea but can’t live off it anymore

HYDERABAD: Bhagiani Thaimor, a mother of five children, sew clothes on manual sewing machine to earn bread and butter for her small family. Like others, she also started her career by working with elder men and women on boats or at jetties for sorting out fish.

Born in Allahdino Thaimor village near coastal town of . . . → Read More: Love the sea but can’t live off it anymore

Nepra augments power tariff by Rs. 1.01 per unit

ISLAMABAD: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) has increased the power tariff by Rs1.01 per unit under the head of monthly fuel adjustment mechanism knowing the fact that electricity worth Rs281 million was wasted in transmission losses in December.

The decision will not be effective on the electric power consumers of the Karachi Electric . . . → Read More: Nepra augments power tariff by Rs. 1.01 per unit

Another perspective


KARACHI: The statements of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar scarcely receive serious notice. Many people, therefore, yawned when the minister pledged to pull the rupee from the depth of Rs110 to a dollar to a respectable position. Although the target parity of Mr Dar (which he insists he did not set at Rs98) . . . → Read More: Another perspective

Techno Taliban’s media attacks

By Nang Durrani and L. Yousafzai

In an age of satellite technology and the Internet, insurgent media operations have reached a level of technical maturity that often outpaces their adversaries.

Instant outreach: Twitter user and Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid tweeted this news of a suicide bombing on November 17. (Photo: Twitter screenshot) Main photo: Videos . . . → Read More: Techno Taliban’s media attacks