Doctors in a Fix

Initially, seven doctors mustered up the courage to speak up about certain unidentified people blackmailing them through stolen social media and mobile phone data. Now, more women doctors and medical students have come up with complaints about being blackmailed by some unidentified people.

Dr Salman Kazmi, a complainant in the case, says over 200 women . . . → Read More: Doctors in a Fix

Engendering Hope in Pakistan

As soon as the ambitious political efforts at rapprochement with anti-state forces ended, Pakistan depicted its military might across its territory. Operation Zarb-e-Azb initiated with mixed expressions of hope for improved circumstances in a nation which posed threats for its own citizens. The operation kicked off with an unfaltering agenda to target ‘all . . . → Read More: Engendering Hope in Pakistan

Humans – the most destructive species on Earth

For most of my adult life, I’ve battled fishmongers who tried to persuade me to buy black pomfret that weighed more than 2kg. Sometime this decade, these conversations ended. These days, a 1kg black pomfret is enough to excite my neighbourhood fishmonger.

“Machchi aisish ati aaj kal,” he says in Dakhni. This is how the . . . → Read More: Humans – the most destructive species on Earth

Pakistan’s Water Problem: 80% unfit for drinking

Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) on Tuesday told Senate Standing Committee of Science and Technology that not a single city of the country has 100 percent potable ground water, as 80 percent of it is unfit for drinking and injurious to health.

“A survey conducted in 24 major cities of the country . . . → Read More: Pakistan’s Water Problem: 80% unfit for drinking

Ravaged Dignities

August 14th is celebrated as the independence day of Pakistan. This year, as Pakistan turns sixty-eight, there is more to mourn than to celebrate. 280 of its innocent souls carrying the burden of its future were raped, molested and sodomized by a gang of 15 beasts. This is not a new chapter in . . . → Read More: Ravaged Dignities

No Polio Case Reported for a year in Africa

It has been one full year since polio was detected anywhere in Africa, a significant milestone in global health that has left health experts around the world quietly celebrating.

The goal had seemed tantalizingly close in recent years, but polio always managed to roar back, particularly . . . → Read More: No Polio Case Reported for a year in Africa

The Impediments to Taxation Reforms

By Moaz Masood

There is hardly an issue that spares the people of Pakistan. Recently, this has been done by the application of the Withholding tax (WHT) on bank transactions for non-filers of tax. The traders have unanimously rejected the provision of the WHT because it has implications on the bank . . . → Read More: The Impediments to Taxation Reforms

Role of Timing in an Epidemic Treatment

Last year, scientists launched a trial of an experimental vaccine against Ebola in Guinea. On Friday, they reported great news: The vaccine works well, providing remarkable protection just 10 days after injection.

“We have to stop and celebrate the fact that an innovative trial design was . . . → Read More: Role of Timing in an Epidemic Treatment

Rejuvenation through Education


“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” These are the words of Malala Yousafzai that echoed in the Harvard University. She has totally stunned the world with her endeavors to manifest education universally. This ship that harbors education is still in the docks. However, it is too early to . . . → Read More: Rejuvenation through Education

Karachi: dengue toll rises to 701

As many as 37 more dengue viral fever cases were reported from Karachi city in a week increasing the patients toll to 701 in 2015.

According to a report issued by Dengue Prevention and Control Program Sindh, at least 37 more dengue fever cases surfaced in the city in the last week and total number . . . → Read More: Karachi: dengue toll rises to 701