Negotiating with the terrorist

Governments’ refusals to entertain the possibility of dialogue with groups such as al-Qaeda and the self-proclaimed Islamic State is ahistorical and causes needless deaths, argues Jonathan Powell, who served as the British government’s chief negotiator in the Northern Ireland peace process. In Terrorists at the Table, Powell writes that governments can only resolve conflicts with . . . → Read More: Negotiating with the terrorist

Kuwaiti Sunni, Shia pray first Jumma prayer together

Kuwait has moved to ward off sectarian tensions following a deadly bombing at a Shia mosque and has taken measures to try to prevent another attack by the self-styled Islamic State group.

Shias, who make up about a third of the oil-rich Gulf state’s 1.3 million citizens, have complained in the past of discrimination in . . . → Read More: Kuwaiti Sunni, Shia pray first Jumma prayer together

Islam has nothing to do with terrorism – Stop calling them IS, ISIS or ISIL

(By REHMAN CHISHTI) The shocking attack last week at a peaceful Tunisian tourist resorthas shown us once again that terror continues to be a threat. There is no question that the group behind this attack, which refers to itself as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) or as “Islamic State” is an . . . → Read More: Islam has nothing to do with terrorism – Stop calling them IS, ISIS or ISIL

India should stay out of Afghanistan’s

(By Dr Subhash Kapila) Afghanistan in 2015 presents a complex strategic muddle for which India is neither politically, strategically, nor militarily equipped, to compete with the growing strategic convergence of Russia-China-Pakistan interests despite inherent self-contradictions among the three, and the unfolding Afghan-ISIS confrontation.

Admittedly, India has significant legitimate national security interests in the security and . . . → Read More: India should stay out of Afghanistan’s

Pakistan’s politics needs fixing

By Talat Masood


Pakistan is a country of contradictions, but nowhere are these contradictions as sharp as in the attitude and policies of the civilian and military leaderships. The military has been fighting an existential battle against an internal threat, with a focus and determination not witnessed before. Hardly a day passes when the . . . → Read More: Pakistan’s politics needs fixing

ISIS (Daesh) a deadly force hard to beat

These five questions address the current role of Daesh and the threat it is posing to the rest of the world, asking why it is not being defeated and how it could potentially be defeated. Particularly following the recent attacks in France and Tunisia, it is clear that Daesh is strong and unless it is . . . → Read More: ISIS (Daesh) a deadly force hard to beat

The role of the energy crisis

PAKISTAN’S energy crisis may upstage terrorism as a major security threat faced by the country. Long duration of load-shedding in the blistering heat has triggered a spate of protests in KP, Sindh and Punjab, resulting in damage to government property and infrastructure.

While these protests have yet to gain sufficient momentum to become an organised . . . → Read More: The role of the energy crisis

Our National Sport

If Pakistanis want to excel in their national sport it should be formally changed from hockey to blame-game. As the death toll in Karachi crosses over 1000, there are not enough beds in the hospitals and no space left in morgues and graveyards. To state the obvious, there is a lack of emergency . . . → Read More: Our National Sport

Pak police forbids sale of toy guns

Police have banned the sale of toy guns in the district while issuing warning of legal action against people involved in the trade of these toys.

According to a handout issued here on Wednesday, Senior Superintendent Police Muhammad Saleem said no shopkeeper would be allowed to sell toy guns. He advised parents not to purchase . . . → Read More: Pak police forbids sale of toy guns

Cause of many road accidents

Study along Tel Aviv’s main highway finds accident rates rise when huge billboards are on display.

That giant roadside billboard featuring Bar Refaeli may be easy on the eyes, but an Israeli road safety study showed that it is unsafe at any speed.

A multi-year study commissioned by Israel’s National Road Safety . . . → Read More: Cause of many road accidents