Modi’s Incredible India

Last week, a mob lynched a Muslim man in Dadri in Uttar Pradesh over rumors that he had slaughtered a calf and eaten beef. This is India—under Modi’s rule. The ethos is being re-defined to take on a narrow, exclusivist vision for the world’s largest democracy. It is a dangerous pursuit—next-door neighbor Pakistan . . . → Read More: Modi’s Incredible India

India’s volte face

‘Ah that deceit should steal such gentle shape, and with a virtuous visor hide deep vice.’ This oft mentioned quote rather succinctly, and eloquently, characterizes India’s foreign policy towards Pakistan; for either it is based on deceit or it is something so baffling for mortal and sane minds that understanding it is something . . . → Read More: India’s volte face

Ravaged Dignities

August 14th is celebrated as the independence day of Pakistan. This year, as Pakistan turns sixty-eight, there is more to mourn than to celebrate. 280 of its innocent souls carrying the burden of its future were raped, molested and sodomized by a gang of 15 beasts. This is not a new chapter in . . . → Read More: Ravaged Dignities

This changes nothing

The moral deprivation of the Pakistani society has been written about before. A self-righteous rant about the need for society to rise to meet bare minimal standards of decency and compassion will serve little purpose and perhaps, should be taken in that spirit. When confronted with moral dilemmas, provoked and agitated, it is too . . . → Read More: This changes nothing

This is what’s wrong with the New Atheist and Former Muslim bandwagon!

If I had no shame, I’d advertise myself as an expert on Christianity. In fact, if you think about it, I know more about Christianity than most of Islam’s fiercest critics—including former, or unclearly Muslim public spokespersons for the latest round of intellectual Orientalism—do about Islam. Not only do I have Christian friends, . . . → Read More: This is what’s wrong with the New Atheist and Former Muslim bandwagon!

The ugly man in USA

By Ghalib Sultan

A former political appointee Pakistani ambassador to the US has been resident in the US since 2012. He moved there after a court case investigated his possible connivance in a letter to the US asking them to make defanging the Pakistan military a condition for US support. At that time the term . . . → Read More: The ugly man in USA

To UAE, with love


His Excellency Mr Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, The United Arab Emirates.


Dear Mr Gargash,

All of us Pakistanis are in receipt of your expression of outrage over the decision of our sovereign Parliament, to NOT bend over this time, grab our ankles, and allow a conflict with which we . . . → Read More: To UAE, with love

Hey, I’m just asking questions

We are prisoners to our optimism, cultivated and nourished by a false sense of being in control. Deluded by hope of a better future, we are undeterred in the process of developing a simplistic narrative of reality. That even today, after hitting multiple lows of gloom and destruction, we are still oblivious to . . . → Read More: Hey, I’m just asking questions

The silver lining

This ‘resilient’ nation of ours loves to criticize just for the sake of it, it seems. The entire furor over the recent string of attacks on the Shia community appears to be extremely unwarranted. I mean, approximately 132 civilians lost their lives as a result of the Peshawar massacre; on the other hand, the total . . . → Read More: The silver lining

Tabdeeli, where art thou?

A return to politics as usual, is it not? Well, surprise surprise! Turns out the #PeshawarAttack was no watershed moment for Pakistan’s political elite. At least that’s what it looks like. The army seems to be going above and beyond, risking stretching itself too thin, trying to fight off multiple threats while the political leadership . . . → Read More: Tabdeeli, where art thou?