Hey, I’m just asking questions

We are prisoners to our optimism, cultivated and nourished by a false sense of being in control. Deluded by hope of a better future, we are undeterred in the process of developing a simplistic narrative of reality. That even today, after hitting multiple lows of gloom and destruction, we are still oblivious to . . . → Read More: Hey, I’m just asking questions

The silver lining

This ‘resilient’ nation of ours loves to criticize just for the sake of it, it seems. The entire furor over the recent string of attacks on the Shia community appears to be extremely unwarranted. I mean, approximately 132 civilians lost their lives as a result of the Peshawar massacre; on the other hand, the total . . . → Read More: The silver lining

Tabdeeli, where art thou?

A return to politics as usual, is it not? Well, surprise surprise! Turns out the #PeshawarAttack was no watershed moment for Pakistan’s political elite. At least that’s what it looks like. The army seems to be going above and beyond, risking stretching itself too thin, trying to fight off multiple threats while the political leadership . . . → Read More: Tabdeeli, where art thou?

Putting the ‘Bak’ in Bakistan

Bakistan is in a state of war with itself. It has sworn to rid the homeland of the menace of terrorism and cleanse the society of the influence of the Taliban’s agenda. It is taking giant strides in this regard: committees have been made, strategy-devising meetings are being held and a grand consensus is being . . . → Read More: Putting the ‘Bak’ in Bakistan

A nation that refuses to learn from its mistakes

ISLAMABAD: General Raheel Sharif ordered Imran Khan to end the Dharna.General Raheel Sharif ordered the politicians to sit together. General Raheel Sharif ordered Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to negotiate with Imran Khan for a political resolution. General Raheel Sharif wants the Constitution amended for the military courts to be established.

. . . → Read More: A nation that refuses to learn from its mistakes

Politics for dummies

The PTI chief and his tabdeeli brigade are all set for another dharna show on November 30. What political gains the leader aims to make from this repeat telecast after Dr. Qadri is back to reinvigorate the anti-government movement is not hard to imagine. The government is a bit anxious which given its superdooper governance . . . → Read More: Politics for dummies

Politics after the world wide web

The author has often wondered like most Pakistanis if our leadership is in fact that or the mockery of one. This of course, is not without reason and comes days after the price of petroleum has been slashed by Rs 9.43. While it is amusing to watch the government and the PTI to engage in . . . → Read More: Politics after the world wide web

Tu me manques, Dr. Qadri

He waltzes in and out of Pakistani politics, evokes strong feelings of rebellion against a morally and ethically corrupt system and when he leaves, he leaves patriots asking for more. Such is the power and persona of the Canada-based scholar Dr. Qadri, formerly a failed politician by normal standards. When he’s not busy delivering lectures . . . → Read More: Tu me manques, Dr. Qadri

We wonder how he does it

Much was achieved in over a month’s time in Pakistan: the khakis’ resolve to stay in the barracks was tested, the ruling government received a heady dosage of sobriety after distasteful exploitation of state machinery and the social media’s favorite Khan won a life-long battle against claustrophobia. Whether we like it or not, Mr. Khan . . . → Read More: We wonder how he does it

Revolutionary blues!

By Chris Cork

With Eid a few days away and there being no sign of the government of Nawaz Sharif and the PML-N abdicating in the foreseeable future, our very own homespun revolution seems to be running out of steam. The supporters of Dr Q have been told that they can go home for the . . . → Read More: Revolutionary blues!