Politics for dummies

The PTI chief and his tabdeeli brigade are all set for another dharna show on November 30. What political gains the leader aims to make from this repeat telecast after Dr. Qadri is back to reinvigorate the anti-government movement is not hard to imagine. The government is a bit anxious which given its superdooper governance . . . → Read More: Politics for dummies

Politics after the world wide web

The author has often wondered like most Pakistanis if our leadership is in fact that or the mockery of one. This of course, is not without reason and comes days after the price of petroleum has been slashed by Rs 9.43. While it is amusing to watch the government and the PTI to engage in . . . → Read More: Politics after the world wide web

Tu me manques, Dr. Qadri

He waltzes in and out of Pakistani politics, evokes strong feelings of rebellion against a morally and ethically corrupt system and when he leaves, he leaves patriots asking for more. Such is the power and persona of the Canada-based scholar Dr. Qadri, formerly a failed politician by normal standards. When he’s not busy delivering lectures . . . → Read More: Tu me manques, Dr. Qadri

We wonder how he does it

Much was achieved in over a month’s time in Pakistan: the khakis’ resolve to stay in the barracks was tested, the ruling government received a heady dosage of sobriety after distasteful exploitation of state machinery and the social media’s favorite Khan won a life-long battle against claustrophobia. Whether we like it or not, Mr. Khan . . . → Read More: We wonder how he does it

Revolutionary blues!

By Chris Cork

With Eid a few days away and there being no sign of the government of Nawaz Sharif and the PML-N abdicating in the foreseeable future, our very own homespun revolution seems to be running out of steam. The supporters of Dr Q have been told that they can go home for the . . . → Read More: Revolutionary blues!

Our national malaise of not looking within

Know a Pakistani’s worst nightmare? A Jew, an Indian and an American walk into a bar…

The Indian sings Vande Matram and calls it the Pakistani Anthem. They chortle.

The American unfurls a completely white flag – green being the representation of Muslims – and labels it Pakistani. They laugh.

The Jew opens a world . . . → Read More: Our national malaise of not looking within

PTCL fire and the domino effect

The unfortunate conflagration at the PTCL’s cyber centre on Egerton Road on Sunday has effectively brought routine life in the provincial capital to a standstill. From the blue-collar employee who had to wire money back home for Eidul Azha to the government employees at the civil secretariat who put off work on matters of extreme . . . → Read More: PTCL fire and the domino effect

Kashmiri lessons from Scottish referendum

(By Andrew Whitehead) Several thousand Kashmiris will be voting in a historic and much awaited referendum, this week.

That vote will determine whether a region with a distinct identity can successfully secede from a much larger nation.

Their ballots will be cast, however, in Glasgow – not in Srinagar or Jammu.

Of the . . . → Read More: Kashmiri lessons from Scottish referendum

While PTI fights for Pakistan, hypocrisy rules the rest

By Ayaz Amir

Boys and girls dance in the PTI rallies in Constitution Avenue, fume the clerics of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam led by Pakistan’s leading political acrobat, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, with his uncanny ability to be part of every power setup no matter what its colour or stripes. What should the boys and girls do . . . → Read More: While PTI fights for Pakistan, hypocrisy rules the rest

To critics of Khan

On August 14, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) marched towards the parliament, under the leadership of Imran Khan, to protest against the alleged rigging by PML-N in the 2013 general elections.The long march is coined as “Azaadi March” (A March for independence).

While many are an advocate of Imran Khan in assembling this peaceful protest, unfortunately there are . . . → Read More: To critics of Khan