Not so fast after all Pakistan LTE speed among lowest in the world

A new report has revealed that Pakistan’s recently launched LTE network is the fourth-slowest in the whole world in terms of speed.

A detailed report released by Open Signal on 4G LTE speeds and coverage around the world for Q4 2015, revealed that Pakistan has an average LTE speed of just 4 Mbps; which is . . . → Read More: Not so fast after all Pakistan LTE speed among lowest in the world

Donald Trump the Mullah

(By Rabia Ahmed) This particular less pleasant side of the USA was known and seen, but like the dark side of the moon it was ignored for the most part. Now starkly exposed by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the startling thing about it is its familiarity.

In Lahore, recently, the Mall was blocked by a . . . → Read More: Donald Trump the Mullah

Dis-honorable killing

(By HUMA YUSUF) Another Oscar nod for Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy; another moment of introspection for Pakistan. Four years ago, Chinoy’s award-winning documentary on acid attacks inspired parliamentary and media debate on the issue and revived activism against the heinous practice. It also sparked new conversations about the growing role of Pakistani women as national icons, . . . → Read More: Dis-honorable killing

Jinnah our founding father ?

(By Yasser Latif Hamdani) When measured up to Jinnah’s speeches and statements in the Indian central legislature as well as Pakistan’s constituent assembly, the 1973 Constitution appears to be fundamentally bad.

In a few days the nation will once again pretend to pay homage to Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah on his birthday, which falls on . . . → Read More: Jinnah our founding father ?

The need for soul searching

(By Yasser Latif Hamdani) The question that Muslims must ask as a community is why do Muslims shoot people. It would be all too easy to blame Islam as a religion but the doctrine of Islam does not promote the wanton killing of innocents, say what you may about it.

Coming so soon after Paris, . . . → Read More: The need for soul searching

Ravaged Dignities

August 14th is celebrated as the independence day of Pakistan. This year, as Pakistan turns sixty-eight, there is more to mourn than to celebrate. 280 of its innocent souls carrying the burden of its future were raped, molested and sodomized by a gang of 15 beasts. This is not a new chapter in . . . → Read More: Ravaged Dignities

This changes nothing

The moral deprivation of the Pakistani society has been written about before. A self-righteous rant about the need for society to rise to meet bare minimal standards of decency and compassion will serve little purpose and perhaps, should be taken in that spirit. When confronted with moral dilemmas, provoked and agitated, it is too . . . → Read More: This changes nothing

This is what’s wrong with the New Atheist and Former Muslim bandwagon!

If I had no shame, I’d advertise myself as an expert on Christianity. In fact, if you think about it, I know more about Christianity than most of Islam’s fiercest critics—including former, or unclearly Muslim public spokespersons for the latest round of intellectual Orientalism—do about Islam. Not only do I have Christian friends, . . . → Read More: This is what’s wrong with the New Atheist and Former Muslim bandwagon!

The ugly man in USA

By Ghalib Sultan

A former political appointee Pakistani ambassador to the US has been resident in the US since 2012. He moved there after a court case investigated his possible connivance in a letter to the US asking them to make defanging the Pakistan military a condition for US support. At that time the term . . . → Read More: The ugly man in USA

To UAE, with love


His Excellency Mr Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, The United Arab Emirates.


Dear Mr Gargash,

All of us Pakistanis are in receipt of your expression of outrage over the decision of our sovereign Parliament, to NOT bend over this time, grab our ankles, and allow a conflict with which we . . . → Read More: To UAE, with love