Gaza – A child’s fear of dieing

Gaza Strip — It is the saltwater coming out of the hotel tap that reminds you where you are, as you wake up in Gaza. And then you imagine your room besieged by honeybees. It is the constant whine of the drones that parade up and down Gaza, selecting targets.

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Sharif’s holy voyage

You’re not sorry to go, of course—the head of a state, by virtue of his work and the kind of commitment it requires, seldom finds the time to make a holy voyage. Much of what the opposition calls constructive and legitimate criticism has its roots in jealous resentment. It has been over a year since . . . → Read More: Sharif’s holy voyage

Has Israel been given a license to commit genocide

West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem are under illegal military occupation of Israel for the last 47 years. When Hamas won elections in 2003, Israel refused to recognize the election results. The US and the West backed Israeli stance and jointly declared Hamas a terrorist outfit. Israel then created rift between Fatah Party led by . . . → Read More: Has Israel been given a license to commit genocide

Mr. Prime Minister, Are You Listening?

A little after a year in office, the government seems to have run out of ideas and will power—the latter being more disappointing and dangerous for a country that is struggling to stay afloat. An unfortunate policy paralysis has allowed our problems to grow in magnitude to serve as existential threats. Pakistanis, this time around . . . → Read More: Mr. Prime Minister, Are You Listening?

Pakistan has a Hindu past… get over it

A bewildered Sassi ran directionless in the desert. The sand burned through the skin of her feet, creating huge blisters that hurt with every step she took. But not even the heat of the desert could match the fire in her heart, which longed for her beloved. “Punnhun, Punnhun,” she yelled but only the roar . . . → Read More: Pakistan has a Hindu past… get over it

America’s double standards for justice and terrorism

It sounded like the beginning of a bad joke: a CIA agent and a U.S. Special Operations commando walked into a barbershop in Sana…

That’s the capital of Yemen in case you didn’t remember and not the sort of place where armed Americans usually wander out alone just to get a haircut.  Here’s what we . . . → Read More: America’s double standards for justice and terrorism

A great folly

After taking credit for successfully eradicating the circular debt problem, the government’s incompetency in having taken steps to chalk out and implement long-term solutions for lasting impact has become obvious. The amount now stands at Rs. 360 billion today even by humble estimates—with the addition of Rs. 1 billion per day it will not be . . . → Read More: A great folly

The government’s ‘historic’ Ramazan mistake

Whether for better or worse, Pakistan generally goes into lock down during the month of Ramazan. Offices, especially government offices, shut down earlier than usual inconveniencing thousands of people. The number of traffic accidents and jams skyrockets as empty stomachs translate into mad road rage. According to police sources, even the crime rate goes up. . . . → Read More: The government’s ‘historic’ Ramazan mistake

Lets not compare ISIS with Taliban

(By Zahid Hussain) THE dramatic rise of the Islamic State organisation formerly known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and its proclamation of a so-called caliphate portend a new and more brutal face of global jihadism. The organisation may not espouse Al Qaeda’s global agenda of terrorism; nevertheless, it is terribly wrong to . . . → Read More: Lets not compare ISIS with Taliban

Why we should love our army

An army consists of disciplined unique individuals overwhelmed with devotions and ultimate sense of patriotism. The army is the most important living organ of the state that should not only be strong but also active, brave and vigilant. Armies are pride of nations because of their savior role in testing times of nations. . . . → Read More: Why we should love our army