In search of elephants

A trip to the village of Hathimera in Mansehra reveals some interesting stories from history and lore.

In his epic Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling talks about a small boy — little Toomai — who was fortunate enough to witness that rarest of rare phenomenon in the wild, known as the elephant dance.

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Balochistan’s gem: Jhal Magsi

If you haven’t heard about Jhal Magsi, Balochistan – well, we feel you’ve been missing out on two shades of God’s blessings to Pakistan. That is how diverse the natural beauty is!

Here’s the thing about Jhal Magsi; God blessed it with two opposite natural attractions that make it a traveler’s paradise. From Pir Chattal . . . → Read More: Balochistan’s gem: Jhal Magsi

The Deosai Dream

Liz Kylie is a mother of two boys and teaches English literature at a secondary school in Melbourne, Australia. In October 2014, Ms Keily, her partner Con Feyen and friend Rob Gilpin set off on their motorcycles to travel from Melbourne to London.

In the last 11 months, they have explored nine Asian countries, seeking . . . → Read More: The Deosai Dream

New York Times describes India like it really is – A shithole

In his 1960 exploration of eastern mysticism, The Lotus and the Robot, Arthur Koestler compared the smell of Bombay to that of “a wet smelly diaper” wrapped around his head. Four years later, VS Naipaul was so revulsed about the filth in India that he wrote in an Area of Darkness that “Indians defecate everywhere” . . . → Read More: New York Times describes India like it really is – A shithole

From Down Under with love

Humans of New York’s Brandon Stanton is not the only one sharing amazing pictures of Pakistan. A travel blogger from Australia, Sophee Southall, recently travelled to Pakistan and uploaded breathtaking pictures of the country on her Facebook page.

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Pakistan authorities impertinent: Swiss mountaineer

(By JAMAL SHAHID) K2 was vengeful this year, said famous explorer and mountaineer, Mike Horn, who returned unsuccessful from the mountain.

This year not a single mountaineer was able to climb the mountain while in 2014 mountaineers set a record of the highest number of conquests of the world’s second highest peak.

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Where moderate Islam reigns successfully

(By Tim Craig) KARIMABAD, Pakistan —Visitors to this stunningly beautiful valley, towered over by five snow-capped mountains, sometimes feel as if they are standing at the edge of the earth — or, maybe, at the middle of it.

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21 awesome facts about Pakistan

Pakistan is a very ‘rich’ country. Although neither we are very much aware of it nor we try to be. Our country is so rich of everything that you will fall in love with it, hell, anyone would.

Some facts about Pakistan, that will blow your mind off and will make you realize that we’re . . . → Read More: 21 awesome facts about Pakistan

A taste of Hunza cuisine

I wouldn’t want to put anybody off by calling it a dhaba, but Maantu Gul Kitchen isn’t your average dhaba anyway.

A couple of years ago, I was traveling the country for a research assignment and ate at quite a few legit, roadside, in-the-middle-of nowhere dhabas. All of which were so grey and beige . . . → Read More: A taste of Hunza cuisine

My beautiful Balochistan beaches

Whenever someone say ‘Baluchistan’, an image that comes in a mind is basically a desert, camels, and nothing else. But once you would see these beaches of Balochistan, you would visualize this province a very different way next time. These naturally preserved beaches, i.e. local authorities have done almost nothing to make attractive or . . . → Read More: My beautiful Balochistan beaches