Where moderate Islam reigns successfully

(By Tim Craig) KARIMABAD, Pakistan —Visitors to this stunningly beautiful valley, towered over by five snow-capped mountains, sometimes feel as if they are standing at the edge of the earth — or, maybe, at the middle of it.

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21 awesome facts about Pakistan

Pakistan is a very ‘rich’ country. Although neither we are very much aware of it nor we try to be. Our country is so rich of everything that you will fall in love with it, hell, anyone would.

Some facts about Pakistan, that will blow your mind off and will make you realize that we’re . . . → Read More: 21 awesome facts about Pakistan

A taste of Hunza cuisine

I wouldn’t want to put anybody off by calling it a dhaba, but Maantu Gul Kitchen isn’t your average dhaba anyway.

A couple of years ago, I was traveling the country for a research assignment and ate at quite a few legit, roadside, in-the-middle-of nowhere dhabas. All of which were so grey and beige . . . → Read More: A taste of Hunza cuisine

My beautiful Balochistan beaches

Whenever someone say ‘Baluchistan’, an image that comes in a mind is basically a desert, camels, and nothing else. But once you would see these beaches of Balochistan, you would visualize this province a very different way next time. These naturally preserved beaches, i.e. local authorities have done almost nothing to make attractive or . . . → Read More: My beautiful Balochistan beaches

The enchanting Hunza

View of Nagar from Hunza at dusk.

Some things are beautiful in their simplicity; others in their intricacy.

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A look at Chinese Family’s possessions

(By Shen Lu) For more than a decade, Chinese photographer Ma Hongjie has asked dozens of families across the country to empty their homes and pose in front of everything they own.

His goal is to tell the stories of those who have been bypassed by China’s economic boom — the people . . . → Read More: A look at Chinese Family’s possessions

My awesome Balochistan

When you think of paradise, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A beauty-laden landscape, full of resources, yet to be found. The question arises, what if you have already found it but haven’t realized its true potential? That is the case with Balochistan.

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Tourists staying away from smog engulfed China

The outlook for tour operators in the Middle Kingdom is dim – thanks in part to the blanket of smog obscuring much of the country, notably its capital city.

According to a report released Monday by the China Tourism Academy, 129 million tourists visited the country in 2013, down 2.5% from the previous year. Meanwhile, . . . → Read More: Tourists staying away from smog engulfed China

Pakistan – 360° love


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Sayed Gul Kalash the lady who runs Bumboret Museum

When people who have heard of her but have not met her finally do, they are taken aback. The head of Bumboret Museum—an archaeologist no less—named Sayed Gul Kalash is not a man.

Images from the Kalash valleys portray women as a strong, confident ilk, even if the photographs are . . . → Read More: Sayed Gul Kalash the lady who runs Bumboret Museum