Sisterhood & After: A history of Feminism

Tonight the East London Fawcett Society is holding a debate on the legacy of feminist campaigners from the Second Wave, 50 Years of Feminism. This event, chaired by the Southbank’s Jude Kelly, has been inspired by and is being held in partnership with The British Library’s new feminist oral history project, Sisterhood and After: An Oral History of the Women’s Liberation . . . → Read More: Sisterhood & After: A history of Feminism

Pakistan Army’s female Generals

Major General Shahida Malik, and Major General Shahida Badshah, the first two star female generals of Pakistan armed forces, the only ones in the Muslim world.

. . . → Read More: Pakistan Army’s female Generals

Who said scientific progress and Islam don’t go hand in hand?

(By: Mohamed Ghilan) The most important rule in Islam is “judgment on anything is a branch of conceptualising it”. To determine whether a belief can be accepted by a Muslim or not, this is the first and most often repeated principle.

However, when it comes to matters scientific, this indispensable . . . → Read More: Who said scientific progress and Islam don’t go hand in hand?

Visual effects artist from Pakistan wins third Oscar

KARACHI: Richard Parker swims in the Life of Pi ocean. Afterwards, the 10 million hair on the Bengal tiger’s body are wiped down, his fur gradually morphing from dripping wet to dry.

In Frozen, we watch the little girl Elsa create snowfall and her enchanting ice world emerge. The line between fantasy and reality blurs, so real are . . . → Read More: Visual effects artist from Pakistan wins third Oscar

Towards restoring national self-esteem

By Kamila Hyat

We are a nation locked in a dreamless sleep and a hopeless state of waking. For too many in the country there is nothing to aspire for, and nothing to look forward to.

Only nightmares exist, made up of the desperate struggle to survive, the lack of opportunity and the knowledge, . . . → Read More: Towards restoring national self-esteem

Pakistan’s true heroes

Few Pakistanis command the kind of adulation that social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi does. Pioneer of the world’s largest ambulance service, Mr Edhi has devoted a lifetime tending to the needs of those seized with misfortune — the ailing, the destitute, the orphan. Words fail to catalogue the gargantuan humanitarian work he has done across . . . → Read More: Pakistan’s true heroes

Spreading thy tentacles

Saudi Arabia’s benevolence seems to have offended more than it has appeased the average Pakistani. Can $1.5 million really make it to the world records as the most expensive gift? Perhaps that is another world record the Punjabi Chief Minister must contemplate over submitting. Are we sugarcoating aid now? Perhaps yes we are. But Pakistan . . . → Read More: Spreading thy tentacles

Pakistan’s Maria Toorpakai wins Nash Cup

Pakistan’s squash player Maria Toorpakai Wazir put her name in the history books by winning the first ever women’s event in the Nash Cup in Canada by beating Milou van der Heijden of the Netherlands 13-11, 11-3, 11-9.

The victory gave Maria, who hails from South Waziristan, the third title of her WSA career after . . . → Read More: Pakistan’s Maria Toorpakai wins Nash Cup

Pakistan Army stuns the world record holders

At the Punjab Youth Festival, officers from the Pakistan Army’s Army’s PACES (Physical Agility and Combat Efficiency System) team did the country proud by breaking previously held world records in various categories of fitness. Our soldiers set 20 new records in total, raising the bar for the rest of the world. Capt . . . → Read More: Pakistan Army stuns the world record holders

Online entrepreneur women of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: As many as 6,000 women entrepreneurs in urban and rural areas of Pakistan are now successfully marketing their homemade products online.

This was made possible after they got digital marketing training under the “Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme” offered by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), which started in 2011.

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