Pakistan’s associate membership to CERN

By Hasan Ehtisham

Pakistan has reached a remarkable milestone in scientific research by becoming an associate member of the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN). Pakistan is the first Asian country that became an associate member. Geneva-based CERN is world’s leading physics research centre that was founded in 1953 by twelve European nations. It leads . . . → Read More: Pakistan’s associate membership to CERN

Muslim fighter women who stood up for a cause

This week saw the death of two extraordinarily brave women in the Middle East. The first, in Iraq, was Ummayyah Naji Jabara, the daughter of a Sunni tribal leader who had been assassinated by Al Qaeda seven years ago.

Jabara became a politician herself, an advisor to the governor of Salahuddin province. . . . → Read More: Muslim fighter women who stood up for a cause

Despite energy woes Pakistan’s economy hits 8-year high

Pakistan plans to boost growth to an eight-year high as the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif battles electricity shortages that have undermined South Asia’s second-biggest economy.

The economy will expand 5.1 percent in the year starting July from an estimated 4.1 percent in the outgoing year, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said in an . . . → Read More: Despite energy woes Pakistan’s economy hits 8-year high

Street footballers make nation proud

ISLAMABAD: It is hard to imagine Pakistan doing great in football at any level. The international sport is among the most popular team sports in the country, but the domestic craze for football is usually visible in front of TV screens than on the pitch.

But the Pakistani street children team proved otherwise, by finishing . . . → Read More: Street footballers make nation proud

How Ron Moreau changed war reporting

We lost Ron Moreau in the spring of 1991. He had gone to Iraqi Kurdistan forNewsweek to cover the panicked flight of hundreds of thousands of people from their homes to the high harsh ice of the mountains on the Turkish border, where they hoped to escape the savagery of Saddam Hussein in the aftermath of . . . → Read More: How Ron Moreau changed war reporting

A Tribute to Army and ISI

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Post by Syed Shoaib Shah.

Pakistan Army’s female Generals

Major General Shahida Malik, and Major General Shahida Badshah, the first two star female generals of Pakistan armed forces, the only ones in the Muslim world.

. . . → Read More: Pakistan Army’s female Generals

Visual effects artist from Pakistan wins third Oscar

KARACHI: Richard Parker swims in the Life of Pi ocean. Afterwards, the 10 million hair on the Bengal tiger’s body are wiped down, his fur gradually morphing from dripping wet to dry.

In Frozen, we watch the little girl Elsa create snowfall and her enchanting ice world emerge. The line between fantasy and reality blurs, so real are . . . → Read More: Visual effects artist from Pakistan wins third Oscar

Towards restoring national self-esteem

By Kamila Hyat

We are a nation locked in a dreamless sleep and a hopeless state of waking. For too many in the country there is nothing to aspire for, and nothing to look forward to.

Only nightmares exist, made up of the desperate struggle to survive, the lack of opportunity and the knowledge, . . . → Read More: Towards restoring national self-esteem

Pakistan’s true heroes

Few Pakistanis command the kind of adulation that social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi does. Pioneer of the world’s largest ambulance service, Mr Edhi has devoted a lifetime tending to the needs of those seized with misfortune — the ailing, the destitute, the orphan. Words fail to catalogue the gargantuan humanitarian work he has done across . . . → Read More: Pakistan’s true heroes