ISI faces Indian slander over baseless allegations

The Indian media, while taking advantage of Jang Group’s slur campaign in the aftermath of Saturday’s gun attack on anchor Hamid Mir, has launched a frontal attack on Pakistan’s security establishment, particularly its premier intelligence agency, say political observers.

Soon after the attack, Geo TV pointed an accusatory finger at the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and its chief Lt Gen Zaheerul Islam. According to observers, the baseless allegations provided a godsend opportunity to the Indian media to direct their guns at the ISI. Instead of expressing solidarity with Mir, the Indian media highlighted the alleged involvement of the ISI in the attack. Continue reading ISI faces Indian slander over baseless allegations

Polio endemic predicted in the absence of polio drops

The inability to vaccinate children in some parts of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) and other sensitive places in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) will make Pakistan the last country in the world to eradicate polio, concluded a senior official from the K-P health department.

“If the virus from Fata and Afghanistan is not controlled immediately, all efforts and resources dedicated to the eradication of polio in other areas will remain futile,” said an official closely involved with polio eradication campaigns in the region while requesting not to be named.

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Pakistan Army’s female Generals

Major General Shahida Malik, and Major General Shahida Badshah, the first two star female generals of Pakistan armed forces, the only ones in the Muslim world.

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Shooting in the dark

What do you do if you think you are being threatened? You have to be clear on the exact nature of the threat and how it has been delivered. Did you get a call? Was it given in a one on one meeting? Were there witnesses? Have you received something in writing or via email? Was it through a third person and if so how reliable is that person? These are vitally important questions to establish the credibility of the threat.

The threatened person has to make sure that he does not become a subject of ridicule by being labeled paranoid or a seeker of publicity to enhance his or her importance. After all if the alleged threat is to a media personality and is being attributed to a government agency then one has to consider if that agency can be so moronic and blatant knowing that it will be exposed.

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India’s rising star urges eviction of Muslim community

It is getting increasingly harder for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to convince sceptical voters that it poses no threat to Muslims, after Pravin Togadia, president of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, a sister organisation, was caught on camera talking about how to prevent Muslims from buying property in Hindu-dominated areas.

“Muslims have been buying Hindu properties at throwaway prices. How do you stop this?” As a solution, he offers, “You put pressure on the government to enforce the Disturbed Areas Act the way we have in cities like Ahmedabad.” Continue reading India’s rising star urges eviction of Muslim community

Pakistan’s growing and inspiring rap culture

For all those decrying the death of creativity in Pakistani music, the rise and rise of Pakistani rap is an eye-opener. While  Pakistani rap started with Fakhar-e-alam, once the comic Ahmad Ali Butt (White boy from L-town) was the only rapper of note in the Indus Music (IM) days. Most of the recent acclaim however, has been garnered by the witty Waderai Ka Beta fame Ali Gul Pir. The well-produced Adil Omer from Islamabad (BC Kholo), along with Osama Cum Laude (I’m Zoning), both of whom rap primarily in English, have also been making waves.

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Jang group’s propaganda against the ISI

Political and defence circles have expressed serious concerns over Jang Group’s attempt to implicate the national security institutions – particularly the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) – in the gun attack on Geo TV senior anchor Hamid Mir.

Mir was seriously wounded when gunmen ambushed his car on Sharea Faisal around 5:15pm minutes after he flew into Karachi from Islamabad. Soon after the attack, Geo TV blamed the ISI. The allegations did not even take into the account the fact that investigations into the attack had not even begun.

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Civil Society’s role in combating crime

A few months ago, something happened in Karachi that Karachiites would not have believed even in their wildest dreams. A middle-aged police constable signalled a black Prado to stop; the said car was being escorted by not one but two vehicles full of guards. 

Those who were witnessing this spectacle began a process of elimination much in the fashion of Sherlock Holmes. Was the constable asking for a lift from the Prado? No, of course not, he wouldn’t dare ask for a lift from a VIP! 

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Banned Hajj operator pulls off mega scam

A number of ‘tour organising firms’ in the city exist only to swindle customers out of millions as they continue their affairs even after being blacklisted by the religious affairs ministry and the Travel Agents Association of Pakistan.

In the latest of such scams, Muhammad Ahmed Qadri, the head of a tour organising firm, Karwan-e-Islami International (Private ) Limi-ted, managed to get away with around Rs20 million, along with the passports of 250 would-be pilgrims, who wanted to perform Umrah. Continue reading Banned Hajj operator pulls off mega scam

Light rain relieves part of Thar – imbroglio

Parts of the parched Islamkot tehsil in Tharparkar received low rainfall on Saturday night and Sunday, providing relief from surging temperatures. Agriculturists say the problem of livestock feed will be addressed to some extent through the scattered showers.

A resident of Morano village in Islamkot, Gul Muhammad Morano said that the rain came with strong winds and a brief hailstorm. According to Morano, the hailstorm injured dozens of livestock animals and peacocks. Some other unverified accounts also claimed deaths of livestock and peacocks.

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