China to set up submarine building facility in Pakistan

China is to build four submarines in Pakistan port city Karachi, fulfilling a new defense deal between the two countries, Pakistan local media reported on Wednesday.

The new defense deal includes eight submarines, which are going to be put into production at the same time in China and Pakistan. This makes the arms deal the biggest ever to China.

Announcing the deal, Pakistani Minister for Defense Production Rana Tanveer Hussain said that the deal had been finalized and four submarines would be built in Karachi. “China will transfer the technology to Pakistan for submarine construction,” the Minister told Dawn, the Pakistan media. Continue reading China to set up submarine building facility in Pakistan

Post Hajj stampede Saudi popularity down in Pakistan

(By ) For years, Saudi Arabia has had a hallowed status here, considered above question or criticism. Yet the hajj stampedenear Mecca last month has taken some of the luster off the exalted image of the kingdom.

Scores of Pakistani pilgrims were killed in the disaster, and many families still do not know what happened to relatives. That has set off an unusual public outcry that prompted the Pakistani government to warn the privately run, characteristically rambunctious television networks to avoid criticizing the Saudis in news programs and talk shows. Continue reading Post Hajj stampede Saudi popularity down in Pakistan

How India is dying a slow death

What is left now of the idea of India? The expansive cultural sensibility, the persistent sense of wonder and curiosity, the delight in open discourse and debate with no point of view discarded, and above all the embrace ofwith all its quirks and eccentricities – these have been the hallmark of a civilisation which has mostly seen itself as a journey not a destination.

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Pakistan army rejects baseless Afghan allegations

Pakistan Army rejected on Tuesday media reports in Afghan press, which claimed the country’s security officials were involved the recent capture of Kunduz city of Afghanistan by the Taliban.

“The allegations levelled by an Afghan official are totally unfounded, baseless, uncalled for and mischievous,” said an Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) statement.

Taliban militants last month had stormed the Afghan city Kunduz, effectively overrunning it in their biggest triumph since being ousted from national power in 2001. Continue reading Pakistan army rejects baseless Afghan allegations

Middle East minus Israel equals peace

Israel is a threat to the entire regionTHE Zionist project represented by Israel is a fundamental threat to the entire Middle East. Despite the attempts by Arab dictators to demonise Palestinians and downplay the threat from Israel, many remain unconvinced.

In 2013, Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talal told former Israeli prison guard Jeffrey Goldberg in an interview that “the threat is from Persia, not from Israel”. The increasingly open nature of the Israeli alliance with the Gulf dictatorships is helpful in the sense that it clarifies things that many have long suspected.

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Separating religion and violence

(By JONATHAN SACKS) Islamic State’s creed embodies evil in the name of a sacred cause. To defeat it, we must recover the values that can bring Jews, Christians and Muslims together.

The West was caught unprepared by the rise of Islamic State, as it was a decade and a half ago by the attacks of al Qaeda and as the Soviet Union was by the determination of the mujahedeen of Afghanistan in the 1980s. These are among the worst failures of political intelligence in modern times, and the consequences have been disastrous. Continue reading Separating religion and violence

Not much to expect from climate deal

Mark Carney denies currency union talksThe binding global treaty Mark Carney, the Pope and others all want simply isn’t going to happen

Last week a steady drone rising all year finally swelled to a crescendo. Talking up what Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England,described to the City’s leading insurers as the “catastrophic

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Human Rights: A critical issue

(By Salman Ali) Dispensation of justice has also remained flawed, delayed and, in some cases, non-existent in Pakistan.

The state of human rights in Pakistan, particularly in Sindh, is pathetic. Every citizen of Pakistan is entitled to basic human rights through national and international bindings, laws and the Constitutions; the state is responsible for the protection of basic human rights through the implementation of the Constitution and international human rights laws. But, lack of interest on the part of the state has made people insecure due to the reckless violations of human rights all around them. Continue reading Human Rights: A critical issue

Indian fears on CPEC

The China Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC) is a mega development project proposed to link South Western Pakistan Gwadar port with Chinese northwestern sovereign region of Xinjiang. The corridor is aimed to connect via strong communication networks across Pakistan and Xinjiang. Estimated to complete in a span of three years this giant development corridor will be a strategic game changer in the region by making Pakistan economically stronger than ever before.

CPEC Project has raised many concerns in the Indian establishment, most of which have their source in India’s relations with the Chinese since the 1950’s and with Pakistan ever since the two countries came into being in 1947, after winning independence from the British. So far the Indian Government has raised objections to the unveiling of the planned corridor that links Gilgit Baltistan, to Chinese Kashgar via the majestic Karakoram highway, and then to the Pakistani mainland, through its North-Eastern realm and down to its Arabian Sea port of Gwadar. Continue reading Indian fears on CPEC

From “Incredible” to “Extremist” India

Who was Muhammad Akhlaq? He was a young hard working Muslim living in a village in India. One day the village priest told the Hindus of the village that Muhammad Akhlaq had slaughtered a cow and that its meat was in a freezer in his home. Hardly anything to bother about yet the enraged crazy mob of Hindu zealots attacked Akhlaq’s home dragged him out and bludgeoned him to death. Akhlaq’s wife was bruised and his young son suffered head injuries in the senseless attack and is fighting for his life in the ICU of the hospital. The mad Hindus have been arrested but their supporters have threatened that there will be consequences if they are not released.

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