Why is India panicking over US funds for Azad Kashmir

kashmir-fund(By Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury) India, upset with a recent US move to mobilize funds for a hydel-power project in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), will lodge a protest with the Obama administration for supporting a venture in a territory which it considers to be illegally occupied by Islamabad.

Delhi, that has long protested moves by outsiders including China to support Diamer-Bhasha dam hydel-power and irrigation project and other infrastructure ventures in PoK, is particularly peeved as the US is acting decision comes at a time when Pakistan has upped the ante on Jammu & Kashmir through repeated ceasefire violations and subsequent efforts to internationalise the issue. Continue reading Why is India panicking over US funds for Azad Kashmir

Can technocrats save Pakistan

By Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

For last few years whenever there is a political crisis an idea comes to the surface that a technocratic government should be installed. According to its promoters, the objective of this interim government, with a tenure of three to four years, should be to clean up the system through constitutional amendments; punish the corrupt; and stabilize the economy before handing it back to politicians through a free and fair elections. This idea was floated when Peoples Party government started its tenure and every month new dates were given for its installation but it never came to be. It was considered as a prime mover of the memogate scandal as well as the first long march of Dr. Tahir ul Qadri.

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The world’s funniest man could be a Pakistani

fpwc-replaywaitWelcome to the voting page for the semi-finals round of the Funniest Person in the World, streamed live from the World Famous Laugh Factory in Hollywood! Voting will start at 8pm (U.S. Pacific time) On October 20th and will continue until 4pm on October 21st.

Thank you to the thousands and thousands around the world who submitted and participated in the first annual Funniest Person in the World competition. We are hoping to bring the world together through smiles and laughter. Laugh Factory believes that diplomacy, democracy, and religion have not succeeded so we think it’s time to focus on something more universal. Remember, the modern Olympics started in 1896 in Greece, the World Cup started in 1930 in Uruguay, and the Funniest Person in the World started in 2014 on the World Wide Web. We have proof that people who share smiles and laughter together would not hurt each other.

We have learned from this experience thus far and we have updated the rules for our second annual competition. We look forward to your participation in future challenges!

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PML-N destroying institutions and regularity authorities

The idea marathon to help Pakistan

(By Purvi Thacker ) New York University’s Kimmel Auditorium is usually reserved for award ceremonies, student performances and panel discussions. But on the last weekend of September, the sprawling space was littered with long tables and chairs, multiple power outlets, extension cords, laptops, notebooks, stationary and plenty of coffee. A group of approximately 35 people, split into teams, were huddled around various tables, working furiously on their computers with their backpacks carelessly strewn over the wooden floor. This was the annual Pakathon New York, a hackathon-style three-day event initiated across 16 cities in the US and Pakistan. Continue reading The idea marathon to help Pakistan

New channel shut down for exposing government corruption

An anti-government TV news channel in Pakistan was taken off air for 15 days after a high court ruled that the broadcaster was “maligning” the country’s judiciary, the country’s media regulation authority said.

The closure is apparently linked to the infighting among Pakistan’s numerous media outlets over their coverage of the two-month-long anti-government protests demanding Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif step down over alleged election fraud.

Most of the media have firmly aligned themselves either in support of Sharif’s government or in favor of the opposition, providing plenty of fodder for bitter reports and opinionated talk show hosts.

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Israeli army worse than ISIL

An Israeli lawmaker says there is no difference between Israeli soldiers and militants of the ISIL and that both are “armies of murderers with no boundaries and red lines.”

“They (ISIL) kill one person at a time with a knife and the IDF at the press of a button [kills] dozens of Palestinians,” Haneen Zoabi said in a Sunday interview with Channel 2 Online.

The Arab member of the Israeli Knesset added that an Israeli pilot is no less a terrorist than a person who takes a knife and commits a beheading.

The Israeli military unleashed aerial attacks on Gaza in early July and later expanded its military campaign with a ground invasion of the Palestinian strip. Over 2,130 Palestinians, including around 570 children, lost their lives and some 11,000 were injured in the raids.

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India loses against Pakistan in Polo

Pakistan beat India 9-8 in the qualifiers of the FIP World Cup Zone D play-offs, played at Tianjin China. – File PhotoSports enthusiasts of Pakistan, who were disappointed by the dejected performance of cricket team, have got something to cheer-for as the national Polo team defeated India by 9-8 to qualify for next year’s Polo World Cup.

Pakistan beat India in the qualifiers of the FIP World Cup Zone D play-offs, played at Tianjin China, said a press release issued here.

India got a flying start in the match and took a 4-1 lead after initial rounds, but Pakistan fought back to level the match 8-8 and eventually won it 9-8 in sudden death stage. Continue reading India loses against Pakistan in Polo

Naxalite movement holds half of India hostage

RED CORRIDOR OF INDIA(By Sabena Siddiqui) The Naxalite movement is India’s largest insurgency, second only to the Kashmir movement yet virtually unknown to the world in general.
It started in 1967 and has been continuing to defy the state of India for the longest time.
India houses one of the largest poor populations in the world, the benefits of ‘Shining India ’ do not reach 90 per cent of Indians, economic growth in India has not trickled down.
India grows only sector-wise, it has been called the poorest nation in the world according to a World Bank report last year.

According to Naxal plans, the elite rich are to be overthrown and there is to be an equal distribution of wealth attained by employing Mao’s “protracted people’s war” strategy. Continue reading Naxalite movement holds half of India hostage

Outside involvement in Hong Kong protests says Leung Chun-ying

Leung Chun-ying said in a televised interview that “there is obviously participation by people, organisations from outside of Hong Kong”.

He said they came from “different countries in different parts of the world” but did not specify which nations.

The comments mark the first time he has alleged outside involvement in the protests.

China’s central government has for weeks accused outside groups of stirring up the unrest but has not produced evidence backing up the claims.

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