To the Piper’s tune

Imran Khan’s first public show in Karachi was in May, when the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) gathered at the Native Jetty bridge in Karachi to protest drone strikes. When I spoke to PTI supporters in the crowd of about 8,000-10,000 people that had gathered then, the popular sentiment was anger against America. Naysayers were quick to . . . → Read More: To the Piper’s tune

The Third Option… Finally

In Lahore on Sunday, 30th of October was day of new hope for people of Pakistan. Meenar-e-Pakistan ground in the shadow of Badshai Masjid was filled beyond its capacity.

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India: Gujarat riots records ‘destroyed’

Official records relating to the 2002 riots in India’s Gujarat state were destroyed in line with regulations, the government tells a panel probing the riots.

Documents with records of telephone calls and the movements of officials during the riots were destroyed in 2007, five years after their origin Officials say this is standard practice and . . . → Read More: India: Gujarat riots records ‘destroyed’

Karachi has 1 policeman to protect every 2,000 people

An estimated 20 million people live in Karachi and there are only 10,000 police officers to protect them. That means there is one policeman to protect around 2,000 people.

The strength of the police force in the city is around 30,000 and they work in two shifts. Out of the total figure, at least . . . → Read More: Karachi has 1 policeman to protect every 2,000 people