It was bound to happen

(By ARIF NIZAMI) The much-talked about and feared ‘blowback’ is here. First, there was the suicide blast at Wagah that killed at least 60 innocent citizens last Sunday, and then the very next day a young Christian couple was lynched by a frenzied mob over alleged blasphemy in Kasur.

Our security apparatus had feared a backlash as . . . → Read More: It was bound to happen

Why the world hates USA

(By Fred Reed) The United States is the most hated country in the world, followed closely by Israel, and then by nobody. Why? Why not Ecuador? China? Russia? East Timor? The hostility puzzles many Americans, who genuinely believe their country to be a force for good, a pillar of democracy, a defender of human rights.

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Making FATA a part of Pakistan – for real!

(By Komal Kabir) The Army has effectively played its role in the Tribal areas and now it is the civilian government’s responsibility to introduce new laws for residents of FATA and facilitate the handover of the area to the locals. As the Taliban came to these tribal areas after 9/11, they killed almost 400 Maliks . . . → Read More: Making FATA a part of Pakistan – for real!

Mainstream media bias: Syria, exhibit A

Whenever a big, media-hyped attack or atrocity happens, the mainstream media always says the same thing: “The bad guys did it.” And who are these “bad guys”? The enemy-du-jour of the powers-that-be. . . . → Read More: Mainstream media bias: Syria, exhibit A

PTI Chief congratulates Nawaz over goof counterterrorism

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has congratulated Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for what he called a good start to control terrorism in the country. He said if the law is made equal for all in Karachi, peace could be maintained.

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By the code of morality

By Zoon Ahmed Khan

Kerry, UN’s self proclaimed spokesman, paves way for military intervention in Syria. It must be noted that the United Nation’s mission (specifically sent for this purpose) has not yet given an official statement on the matter, but the US seems to have revealed ground breaking evidence that proves the Assad regime . . . → Read More: By the code of morality

Making Muslims feel at home in America

By Fareed Zakaria

As we learn more about the brothers Tsarnaev, we are inclined to ask larger questions about their apparent descent into terror. What does it tell us about radical Islam, Russian immigrants, Muslim communities and the breakdown of assimilation? The most accurate answer might turn out to be: not much. Larger phenomena might be at . . . → Read More: Making Muslims feel at home in America

Does Muslim=Terrorist?

Last time I checked, terrorism had no nationality or religion. It was defined as the senseless slaughter of innocents by perpetrators of violence.

No matter what causes these terrorists claim to endorse, the damage they inflicted was not supposed to represent the teachings of the religion they identified with or the country they hailed from.

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Musharraf should stay out

Pervez Musharraf stirred new controversies and conversations by announcing his return to Pakistan last week.

However, the main question remains whether the Pakistani people should give the former dictator-president another chance to run the country or not.

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In the War-Zone

By Tom Engelhardt

In late December 2001, not long after Washington’s second Afghan War began, there was that wedding celebration in eastern Afghanistan in which 110 of 112 villagers were reportedly killed by American B-52 and B-1B bombers using precision guided weapons.  Then there were the more than 40 Iraqi wedding celebrants (27 from one extended family, . . . → Read More: In the War-Zone