Foreign involvement in Balochistan unrest, Bugti

Balochistan Home Minister Mir Safaraz Bugti on Monday said that a foreign hand was involved in terrorism in Balochistan.

In a statement issued, Bugti said Balochistan has long border with neighbouring countries and terrorists have their training camps in mountainous areas.

“There are 34 camps in a neighbouring country’s . . . → Read More: Foreign involvement in Balochistan unrest, Bugti

ZoneAsia-Pk: Divorcing the Taliban

By Nida Afaque

The long and short of the war in Afghanistan was to eliminate terrorists and reinstall social equality for the locals so that women can have a greater say, children can acquire education and the young Afghans can find a stable source of income. The decade long war has ripped Afghanistan limb from . . . → Read More: ZoneAsia-Pk: Divorcing the Taliban


US Admiral Mike Mullen rarely smiles. In fact in Pakistan during his 22 visits no one has ever seen him smile. Not that there is very much to smile about. The NATO/ISAF military campaign in Afghanistan is not going well as the Afghans fighting to oust the ‘invader’ spread their actions to Northern Afghanistan and . . . → Read More: SULLEN MULLEN