Undermining Pak-India peace process

Pakistan is at a critical juncture in its fight against terrorism. After Peshawar attack, there is a new resolve in civil-military leadership to deal with this menace for long term peace and stability in the country. While Afghanistan has offered full cooperation to Pakistan in this war, there is another neighboring country that . . . → Read More: Undermining Pak-India peace process

Finally Pak, Afghan and US objectives converge

The US drone strike in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan has reportedly killed 13 militants belonging to the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and other affiliated groups on March 24, 2015. The area targeted in the drone strike was near the Khyber Agency, a region that has become a battleground for the military in its fight against . . . → Read More: Finally Pak, Afghan and US objectives converge

A leap of faith

Mohammed Umer Daudzai recently penned an article that got featured in the New York Times where he voiced serious concerns over Ashraf Ghani’s foreign policy with regards to Pakistan. A former interior minister of Afghanistan and having previously served as an ambassador to Iran and Pakistan, there is no denying the fact that the . . . → Read More: A leap of faith

ISIS and TTP – Pakistan a breeding or a battle ground?

With the Taliban dominant, ISIS will have trouble making space in Pakistan—though the group is becoming more popular

The brutal methods that the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) has become notorious for were already seen some years ago, first in Afghanistan and later in Pakistan, as the two branches of the . . . → Read More: ISIS and TTP – Pakistan a breeding or a battle ground?

Afghans who call Pakistan their home

Many Afghan families living in Karachi’s neighbourhoods are unable to explain the hostility with which they are looked upon. Even though their second generation has put down roots here, they are still not considered Pakistani. “In any other country, we would be citizens,” laments Abdul Haleem, a young scarf seller who lives in what . . . → Read More: Afghans who call Pakistan their home

Pakistan fights back

By Mina Sohail

Intense public outrage is forcing the government to step up its fight against terrorism.

Mohammad Hilal, 16, lies motionless on his bed in the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar. He is one of the survivors of the December 16 massacre at the Army Public School, which left 145 dead, including 132 children. . . . → Read More: Pakistan fights back

New information on Peshawar school attack

An initial investigative report of Peshawar School Attack has been released by Peshawar Police and Anti Terrorism squad which says that 11 terrorists attacked at Army Public School, and four out of these managed to escape.

According to the reports, seven terrorists stormed in APS building where as rest of the four managed to escape . . . → Read More: New information on Peshawar school attack

Eliminating the beasts amongst us

HISTORY tells us that it is not the majority but a resolute minority that brings change. Those pained by the existence of bigotry and violence in Pakistan often argue that it is a fanatical intolerant minority that is holding our country hostage, which otherwise comprises rational, tolerant and amiable people. Has the Peshawar catastrophe given . . . → Read More: Eliminating the beasts amongst us

Pakistan Army – Our last hope

As I write this piece . I write this with a heavy heart that today as a Pakistani. My belief in the current political set up has been reduced to almost Zero. They continue fighting each other on seats, ministries , rigging, money , power and the post of Prime Minister Ship. What they are . . . → Read More: Pakistan Army – Our last hope

Afghanistan is lucky to have a neighbor like Pakistan

By Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Former Afghan Intelligence Chief Amrullah Saleh wrote an opinion piece for Aljazeera in which he placed all blame for Afghan misery on Pakistan. He seems to be devoid of Afghan history and tradition. He forgot that Afghan’s don’t get tired telling the world that it is a graveyard of Empires. . . . → Read More: Afghanistan is lucky to have a neighbor like Pakistan