Dealing with Burma: Reality versus Rumor

July 12th: According to ‘some’ international news agencies: 500 villages torched, thousands killed by Buddhist mobs and the Burmese army.

July 16th: The photos, all the evidence is out!

July 17th: Somehow all of that makes Pakistanis are unpatriotic for not staying in the country.

July 19th: Google images prove the photos were a . . . → Read More: Dealing with Burma: Reality versus Rumor

Nowhere near a Revolution, maybe winter?

When Raja Khan, a twenty-something father of three from Sindh, lit himself on fire in Islamabad to escape from the misery he found at every avenue of life, people started talking.

Talking about deprivation. Talking about unemployment. And talking about an Arab spring.

. . . → Read More: Nowhere near a Revolution, maybe winter?

Why We Must Vote

Arm chair politics is a sport everyone eligible to vote in this country loves to play. We pride ourselves on the belief that most of our population is way more politically aware than the typified American who wouldn’t know a map if it bit him. We argue amongst ourselves, we blame the system, protest against . . . → Read More: Why We Must Vote

The shootout, the US agent and the media

In late January, Raymond Davis, an American working in Pakistan, allegedly shot and killed two men who he claimed were trying to rob him. Soon after the shooting it emerged in the Pakistani media that Davis was a CIA operative, but that information did not surface in the US media until weeks later. That . . . → Read More: The shootout, the US agent and the media

Democracy and Islam

Rendering a decade of U.S. policy irrelevant, the people of the Middle East are transforming the region themselves.

The ongoing upheaval in the Arab world (and in Iran) has rendered a definitive judgment on U.S. policy over the last decade. Relying on their own resources and employing means of their own devising, the people of . . . → Read More: Democracy and Islam