Failed by Congress, Indian Muslims try BJP

The growing warming up of Indian Muslims to BJP with the beginning of Modi-era is surely a watershed development in Indian politics.That the alleged “pseudo-secularism” of Congress is going to be relegated to the well-deserved place in the museum seems to be a forgone conclusion. In fact, the long pending accusation on the part of . . . → Read More: Failed by Congress, Indian Muslims try BJP

More plans to come

The fearless leader of the PTI, Mr Cornered Tiger himself, recently announced a “Plan C” for the removal of Mian Nawaz Sharif. As originally presented, the plan was to “shut Pakistan down” through strikes and demonstrations. Subsequently, the plan has been downgraded a bit.

You see, in order to ‘shut down’ a country, it must . . . → Read More: More plans to come

The need for a compromise between the HEC and critical thinking

Why does one go to a university? This is a question very few of us ask ourselves even though all of us should.

Is it to guarantee employment, because global trends increasingly show that no amount of education offers up such airtight assurances, especially in Pakistan, where more and more students find themselves jobless.

Is . . . → Read More: The need for a compromise between the HEC and critical thinking

MS partners with Dropbox for Cloud Office Apps

Microsoft has cozied up to Dropbox with a new partnership.

Soon you’ll be able to easily access, save, share, and collaborate on your Office 365 documents stored on Dropbox without leaving Office.

Office 365 is Microsoft’s paid cloud version of Microsoft Office.

Dropbox will also be available as an option for Microsoft’s freebie version of . . . → Read More: MS partners with Dropbox for Cloud Office Apps

Corruption becoming a system

SOME argue that corruption, seen as ‘speed money’, ‘price of information’, or ‘kickbacks’, is not a big issue in any economy/ society. It is seen as the ‘grease’ that makes a system work. What is not taken into account in such narratives are the broader issues invoked when those who have been entrusted with a . . . → Read More: Corruption becoming a system

Revising the curriculum

THE latest flurry of efforts to make changes in the curricula for the various categories of students offers little hope for the emergence of a rational outlook on the subject.

Last week, the prime minister discovered the need for including lessons on democracy, constitutionalism and accountability mechanisms in textbooks for primary to the highest classes. . . . → Read More: Revising the curriculum

Rabbi shot in Jerusalem increases clashes

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has condemned the Israeli closure of the al-Aqsa mosque compound as a “declaration of war”, while clashes raged in east Jerusalem after Israeli police shot dead a Palestinian man suspected of shooting and wounding a far-right rabbi.

Israel temporarily shutdown the flashpoint religious shrine on Thursday in what police called a . . . → Read More: Rabbi shot in Jerusalem increases clashes

West Africa’s Ebola crisis and IMF

In recent months, as the spreading Ebola emergency took center stage in Washington, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) have pledged $530 million to help Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. And in October, at a special session with African leaders on Ebola during the IMF/World Bank annual meetings in Washington, DC, IMF Managing . . . → Read More: West Africa’s Ebola crisis and IMF

Scanner and 3D printer combo device by Taiwan

XYZprinting announced it has created an all-in-one 3D printer and scanner for sale starting today at $800.

The Da Vinci 1.0 all-in-one 3D printer allows just about anyone to create a 3D-printed object, and that’s one of the requirements for mass adoption of the new technology. By adding a scanner to the 3D printer, XYZprinting . . . → Read More: Scanner and 3D printer combo device by Taiwan

Pakistan has powerless voters

Reality is always hard to stomach. In the age of inflated self-worth and significance, societies start having delusions of grandeur. But when the delusions are questioned, the society either goes into denial or starts spinning a new narrative.

For the last two years, our people have been going through a process where there was initially . . . → Read More: Pakistan has powerless voters