Karachi’s most notorious gangster killed

KARACHI: One of Lyari’s most notorious gangsters, Arshad Pappu, was reportedly killed alongside his brother and three gang members on Sunday. But while law enforcement officials confirmed the development, they themselves had not seen the bodies and chose to rely solely on eyewitness accounts.

“We have yet to see Pappu’s and his associates’ bodies,” Kalakot . . . → Read More: Karachi’s most notorious gangster killed

The hub of gangs

By Faraz Khan

While gangs and smugglers have operated in Lyari for decades, the most recent of these clashes emerged in 2002. The fallouts and gains of these fights are what has shaped the current conflict in Lyari.

In 2002, gang leader Haji Lalu controlled the drug operations in Lyari, with Rehman . . . → Read More: The hub of gangs