Is Bollywood better off with Pakistani artists?

News of the cancellation of scheduled concerts by Ali Zafar and classical singer Javed Bashir in India in the wake of cross-border tension has sparked fury online.

One commenter on The Express Tribune website called Pakistani artists who work in India “shameless” for wanting to perform across the border after being “humiliated”; another felt that . . . → Read More: Is Bollywood better off with Pakistani artists?

How is Bollywood Islamophobic?

By Bhakti V

Recently, I read a blog on The Express Tribune entitled “Bollywood, please stop demonising Muslims” by Muhammad Mustaqeem Yousfani. Had the article written been about the mind-numbing inanity that Bollywood is prone to dishing out from time to time, I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid because, frankly, there is some truth . . . → Read More: How is Bollywood Islamophobic?

The Secret to Lahore…

There is something about Lahore. There’s something in the streets of this city that is a secret. But just when you think you have it figured out, there is something missing again. We often try to figure it out, what is it about Lahore that keeps us so intrigued?

. . . → Read More: The Secret to Lahore…