India – a world of hate

By Neena Haridas

Atop Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) functionary advises a public gathering in Gujarat of the two ways in which they can evict Muslims from their neighbourhood. Either they put pressure on the government to impose a law preventing Muslims from living in Hindu areas or they adopt . . . → Read More: India – a world of hate

Indian Nomads: Between Cows and Salt

For several years now, across large parts of Rajasthan Hindutva activists have been targeting members of the Banjara community in the name of ‘cow-protection’. Scores of such incidents have been reported—more than 200 in the last decade. Typically, Banjaras transporting cows and other cattle are stopped by such activists and their animals are seized. Sometimes, . . . → Read More: Indian Nomads: Between Cows and Salt