Balochistan updates June 2013

This is a brief Talk of the Town Report compiled for those interested in Balochistan. Significant developments are listed hereunder.

Post Election Developments- Formation of New Government, 1- June. The newly elected MPAs were sworn in on Ist June. 20 MPAs, in a House of 65, had never before been its members. The party position . . . → Read More: Balochistan updates June 2013

CIA, RAW, MOSAD, BLA responsible for Balochistan problems

Russian TV: CIA, RAW, MOSAD, BLA killing people in Balochistan !!

Balochistan: what really happened

This is re-writing history by giving it a self-serving twist. The position vis-a-vis the states in India, including Kalat, was made clear by Mountbatten: “states would de jure become independent; but de facto, very few were likely to benefit…that although Kalat would have gained freedom, no practical course other than some form of association with . . . → Read More: Balochistan: what really happened

Spearhead Analysis: Elections held hostage

By Nida Afaque

As elections draw near, the political climate within Pakistan has turned sober. Contesting parties are working industriously to widen their voter base, the Election Commission is overworked with verifying candidates’ credibility and the interim government is struggling to contain the country’s affairs until the next government is ready to take charge. But . . . → Read More: Spearhead Analysis: Elections held hostage

The pressing issue of Shia killings

By Omar Waraich

Bodies of Shi‘te victims who were killed by twin explosions are laid in a mosque in the Pakistani town of Quetta on Jan. 11, 2013.

For days, they refused to bury their dead. On a main road in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta, hundreds of mourners from the local Hazara community, . . . → Read More: The pressing issue of Shia killings

ZoneAsia-Pk: Turning the tide in 2013

By Zoon Ahmad Khan

A lot is at stake in 2013. The PPP, after five tumultuous years in power, with Pakistan’s crises only on the rise, hopes to get re-elected in the upcoming election. End of 2013 Zardari’s own presidential term will end, and only a sweeping victory in the general election should assure him . . . → Read More: ZoneAsia-Pk: Turning the tide in 2013

Tacstrat Analysis: The Invisible War

According to one of the more hard line analysts a fourth generation war—4GW—has been declared on Pakistan. The dots he connects to make the mosaic are—the insurgency in FATA, the lawlessness and violence in Baluchistan and Karachi, the insidious propaganda to defame and defang the military and intelligence institutions, the rapid economic decline and . . . → Read More: Tacstrat Analysis: The Invisible War

Chicken-hearted Imran Khan

By Feisal H Naqvi

Two days after Malala Yousufzai was attacked by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Imran Khan went to the hospital in which she was being treated to show his concern regarding her condition. And yet, when asked a day earlier why he didn’t directly condemn the TTP, Mr Khan had responded . . . → Read More: Chicken-hearted Imran Khan

Dosai Plains in the Northern Areas of Pakistan

S.A.J Shirazi

All those who take there chance to Siachin sector (via Skardu, the valleys ofShigar, Khaplu, Kharmong, Rondu and onwards), purposefully visit to see northern areas of Pakistan and or plan to have rendezvous with fairies do pass though Deosai Plains a plateau among high mountains and unique landscape in the world.

. . . → Read More: Dosai Plains in the Northern Areas of Pakistan

NA members troubled by UN team’s mission

By Qamar Zaman

ISLAMABAD: The arrival of a UN delegation on Monday on a 10-day mission to investigate the issue of enforced disappearances in the country has set off alarm bells in the National Assembly.

. . . → Read More: NA members troubled by UN team’s mission