Pakistan women like no other

1. Zahra Afridi

(By Zermina Naveed) This hard-core Interior Designer runs her own company with her latest project being the Classic Rock Coffee Café in Islamabad. She also happens to have kick-boxing training, which is a very unconventional field for Pakistani women to be in. Are all the Afridis this talented?

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Pakistani village girls receive sex education class

JOHI: In neat rows, the girls in white headscarves listened carefully as the teacher described the changes in their bodies. When the teacher asked what they should do if a stranger touched them, the class erupted.

“Scream!” one called out. “Bite!” another suggested. “Scratch really hard with your nails!” a third said.

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Extending education systems

By Faisal Bari

THE Beaconhouse School System is among the largest private-sector schools systems in the region. There are some other for-profit private school systems in the country as well such as Lahore Grammar and City.

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Preschool is no panacea

Taleem-o-tarbeeat — the mantra that is ground into each and everyone’s psyche in our region is supposedly the corner-stone to nation building. So much for eastern wisdom, the in-thing nowadays is to bundle off the little ones to any forsaken institute in the name of schooling with the fee being the yardstick of quality.

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