It’s pay back time

LAHORE: The Emirates airline plans to file a suit over the damages caused to its reputation by the enforced diversion of its plane carrying Dr Tahirul Qadri on Monday.

Official sources told Dawn that the airline had told the Civil Aviation Authority that it had been upset by the diversion of its flight EK-612 Dubai-Islamabad . . . → Read More: It’s pay back time

Fasten your seatbelts

The Bhoja air crash was yet another crash in Pakistan’s history. Yet again we saw the deaths of innocent lives. Yet again we saw looting at the site of the crash. Yet again we saw politicians making this an opportunity to point fingers to the CAA, the airline, the government and their political rivals. But . . . → Read More: Fasten your seatbelts

Pakistan’s worst plane crash was caused by ‘confused’ crew

ISLAMABAD: A confused captain and a hostile cockpit atmosphere were to blame for the worst ever plane crash on Pakistani soil, when 152 people died, the official report on the disaster said on Wednesday.

Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said the crew of the Airblue Airbus A321 “violated all established procedures” in trying to circle . . . → Read More: Pakistan’s worst plane crash was caused by ‘confused’ crew