Travel Destination – Multan City

Located smack in the middle of orchards, wheat fields, a desert and a flowing river is Multan- the great melting pot of history. The old walled city with its fort, congested streets, ancient buildings and shrines melds gradually into a modern bustling city complete with its flyovers, excellent restaurants, entertainment centers and markets. Multan in . . . → Read More: Travel Destination – Multan City

Population Not Growing Right

Demographic reality raises questions about religion, culture and where the two intersect in the South Asian nation.

With four million births per year, Pakistan is poised to become the world’s fourth most populous nation in just under 40 years.

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The Good Ol’ Days

There was a time when the US and Pakistan were real allies; when both governments respected each other and the peoples of both countries found more common ground than dividing factors. Fifty years later, people joke about the US and Pakistan as frenemies; following a friendship that really doesn’t work because their interests are . . . → Read More: The Good Ol’ Days

Bajaur’s heroes die fighting for Pakistan

To the rest of the world, they were just four names, but Bajaur will pay a heavy price for them. The deaths of the four Maliks and a lashkar chief in the blast that occurred this week in the area was the death of Fata’s voice against terrorists. For the good of their youth, . . . → Read More: Bajaur’s heroes die fighting for Pakistan

Tennis under a cloud of drones?

In a bid to bring sporting action to war-stricken Waziristan, the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) is planning to hold an event in the mountainous region featuring top national players of the country, according to the federation’s secretary.

Waziristan has been affected by drone attacks since the start of war against terrorism and Taliban resurgence. . . . → Read More: Tennis under a cloud of drones?

Want to change Pakistan? Try joining the government as an honest bureaucrat!

A Guide to the CSS

In the last decade, fewer and fewer candidates for the CSS (Central Superior Services) exam have passed the gruelling test to join the ranks of that elite layer of bureaucrats that runs Pakistan. Fifteen per cent of candidates qualified the written part in 2008 but only eight per cent could . . . → Read More: Want to change Pakistan? Try joining the government as an honest bureaucrat!

Mehr Angez: California’s Afghan pop star

Mehr Angez, bestowed with both beauty and talent for singing, is knocking on the door of stardom with her debut single “Awargi”.

The song has become a sensational hit among the Afghan community worldwide because of its appealing concept and inspirational lyrics.

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The Spirit of Pakistan Resolution

The father of the nation, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, once said, “We are a nation, with our distinctive culture and civilisation, names and nomenclature, sense of values and proportion, legal laws and moral code, customs and calendar, history and tradition, aptitude and ambition. In short, we have our own distinctive outlook on life and of . . . → Read More: The Spirit of Pakistan Resolution

I Am Pakistan

“I Am Pakistan” speaks for the future of millions of Pakistani citizens at home and abroad. With a reason to look forward, we have travelled across the country from Khyber to Karachi finding the true soul behind a Pakistani.

Keep in mind that unlike this video, Pakistan is not static. The facts and figures featured . . . → Read More: I Am Pakistan

Quantum Leaps of the Mind

How is it that the Pakistani perception can jump from the resignation (or non-reappointment, rather) of the Foreign Minister, to a case of diplomatic immunity, to an American killing two Pakistanis in broad daylight, and make sense of all of it?

The Pakistani mindset has indeed been ‘warped’ after too much “breaking news” and on-the-edge-of-the-seats . . . → Read More: Quantum Leaps of the Mind