Tacstrat Analysis: The Invisible War

According to one of the more hard line analysts a fourth generation war—4GW—has been declared on Pakistan. The dots he connects to make the mosaic are—the insurgency in FATA, the lawlessness and violence in Baluchistan and Karachi, the insidious propaganda to defame and defang the military and intelligence institutions, the rapid economic decline and . . . → Read More: Tacstrat Analysis: The Invisible War

Mental illness: is your child showing symptoms?


Is Your Child Mentally Ill?

“Yes,” According to Big Pharma Funded Doctors (Ka-Ching!) How has Big Pharma managed to get so many children on expensive drug cocktails for “mental illness”? Drugs that they may not even need?

. . . → Read More: Mental illness: is your child showing symptoms?

Children of the streets

By Madeeha Ansari

Every day, I shake my finger at a little boy struggling to spray water on the windshield of my car. He is a bite-sized conman who will furiously wet and wipe a perfectly clean sheet of glass within the time it takes for a red traffic light to turn green, . . . → Read More: Children of the streets

Tacstrat: What double-game?

By Zoon Ahmad Khan

For the most part Americans and the World believe Pakistan has fallen no short of treacherous in the ‘War on terror’ that started eleven years ago. Islamabad’s so-called ‘shady tactics’ have given her biggest ally cold feet, time and again. With aid cuts and unilateral attacks Washington has been able to . . . → Read More: Tacstrat: What double-game?

In a civilized Pakistan

Has our moral fabric deteriorated so much that we can’t be distinguished from our “homo erectus” ancestors?

Every society uses a variety of measures to judge incidents and ensure standards of life are maintained. The most common and perhaps objective measure is the authority of law which is applicable to everyone irrespective of race, ethnicity, . . . → Read More: In a civilized Pakistan

Routine use of vital antibiotics on farms threatens human health

As Europe and the US face up to the menace of antibiotic-resistant superbugs, UK farmers have dramatically increased their use of the drugs most likely to cause these lethal strains

The use of modern antibiotics on British farms has risen dramatically in the past decade, fuelling the development of resistant organisms and weakening the power . . . → Read More: Routine use of vital antibiotics on farms threatens human health


George Fulton, aka George the foreigner, who became a Pakistani (thanks to a dictator’s Prime Minister) has been true to form. After nine years, he has written two columns (Express Tribune March 2 and 3) to say Khuda-Hafiz in our words, and Good-bye in his, to Pakistan. In these columns, he has castigated Pakistan’s military . . . → Read More: FULTON’S FULMINATIONS

Anne Hathaway talks of Love and Other Drugs

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway teams up again in a romantic comedy drama Love and Other Drugs with her Brokeback Mountain costar Jake Gyllenhaal. Her performance as Maggie, a sexually overt free spirit who meets a pharmaceutical sales rep and finds herself surprisingly falling in love, has garnered Oscar talk heading into the Hollywood awards . . . → Read More: Anne Hathaway talks of Love and Other Drugs