Pakistanis Must Decide!

The people of Pakistan must decide rationally on crucial issues facing the country… but time and again, we don’t!

The people of Pakistan are – notoriously – incapable (or unwilling) to prioritize, or make crucial decisions on, important issues of a national dimension: thus causing a fatal crisis of national identity to precipitate other national-level . . . → Read More: Pakistanis Must Decide!

Around the World in Three Weeks

From Pakistan to Mexico, September’s third week saw war and earthquakes, market crashes, and a contested execution.

Heavy rain falls over Bangkok at sunset during monsoon season on Sept. 18.

. . . → Read More: Around the World in Three Weeks

Are We a Nation in Denial?

Amidst chaos once more; this time the people are better prepared, but perhaps only mentally. It seems like the Pakistani Society (especially the youth) has acclimatized at a miraculous pace. Be it bomb blasts, suicide attacks, open fire on civilians, floods, earthquakes, dengue; we can know it all and still strut down the sidewalks with . . . → Read More: Are We a Nation in Denial?