Modi’s lost moment to emulate Thatcher

(By Tunku Varadarajan) Watching Narendra Modi govern India, one laments a lost opportunity. His victory in May last year had offered independent India its first clear shot at a free-market conservative government. Sixteen months later, one struggles to find any sustained commitment to market reforms. His recent speech to the Delhi Economic Conclave was a . . . → Read More: Modi’s lost moment to emulate Thatcher

Angry Bilawal

Bilawal leaves Pakistan after argument with Zardari

Bilawal leaves Pakistan, not to lead PPP election campaign

Bilawal Bhutto leaves Pak after tiff with Zardari over PPP . . . → Read More: Angry Bilawal

Sehbai on Kayani: Can’t Live… with or without you

It seems Mr Sehbai is not clear in his own mind about the role he wants the Army to play. He blames Gen Kayani for sitting on the sidelines and letting the country slide into the current mess. Yet he blames 10 years of Army rule which incidentally except for first three years of Musharraf . . . → Read More: Sehbai on Kayani: Can’t Live… with or without you


By Ghalib Sultan

Lahore hosted diplomats and other foreign dignitaries including the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey at the launch of the new metro bus mass transit system. The launch ceremony went well and Lahorites hoped and prayed that the metro bus is a success and serves the masses. Unfortunately not everyone thought it was . . . → Read More: WHO SPEAKS FOR PAKISTAN?

Sharifs sweep by-elections in Punjab

By-elections are often ignored as nothing more than parties reclaiming a seat they had lost to some unfortunate incident or disqualification. In the last five years multiple by-elections have taken place and in most cases they have produced nothing exciting or out of the ordinary.

. . . → Read More: Sharifs sweep by-elections in Punjab

One vote: one step closer

The state of affairs in Pakistan does not permit its residents to remain aloof from politics. Insecurity and job instability in a country with double digit inflation is a rising concern for many middle class families and even upper class families have begun to fear for their future. Energy shortages and red tape has shut . . . → Read More: One vote: one step closer

Pakistan need for change

Pakistan is a divided house. No matter how forcefully it is denied, the fact remains that Pakistan is now a deeply divided society with each side dug in deep. Reason and Logic are the first casualties of this divide in our society. No longer can one imagine having an honest discussion on any issue under . . . → Read More: Pakistan need for change

Why We Must Vote

Arm chair politics is a sport everyone eligible to vote in this country loves to play. We pride ourselves on the belief that most of our population is way more politically aware than the typified American who wouldn’t know a map if it bit him. We argue amongst ourselves, we blame the system, protest against . . . → Read More: Why We Must Vote

The value of voting

Of the many terrible things Pervez Musharraf did, the most foolish may have been reducing the voting age to 18 years. The first time I voted was in 2002 when, as a callow and idealistic teenager, I cast a quixotic and pointless vote against giving the dictator another five years in office. A few months . . . → Read More: The value of voting