No nuclear leak danger from K2, K3

A seminar at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) posed the question of whether nuclear power is a sustainable solution to the energy crises being faced by the country.

The slogan of the seminar was ‘Nuclear Power Need of the Hour’ and was organised by the KPC, Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists and the Daily Times.

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The role of the energy crisis

PAKISTAN’S energy crisis may upstage terrorism as a major security threat faced by the country. Long duration of load-shedding in the blistering heat has triggered a spate of protests in KP, Sindh and Punjab, resulting in damage to government property and infrastructure.

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Behold! Extra Virgin Airways to the rescue

So, we now have a women-only bus service. That makes sense. Given the piddling issues of mass unemployment, insecurity, a weak economy and the energy crisis, one can understand the government’s obsession with its favourite pastime – separation of the sexes.

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The people of Pakistan demand answers

By Brig Asif Haroon Raja

The new regime has been handed down a huge mess and is at a loss where to start from and which problem to tackle first. All macroeconomic indicators are in negative, national kitty is empty and foreign investment has dried up. It has inherited bankrupt economy, an unmanageable energy crisis, . . . → Read More: The people of Pakistan demand answers

Pakistan’s PM’s Royal Treatment

Neighbors and opposition leaders became infuriated after learning that Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf installed 24-hour electricity supply for his Islamabad home. Many claim Ashraf has spent more time upgrading his own lifestyle than helping the country’s economic, security and energy crises.

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Gas Outage causes Outrage

The current energy crisis across the country is an eye-opener of poor planning and policymaking – the two main pillars of good governance.

If the department was treading the right direction, it would have expanded the infrastructure, keeping in view the demand and supply position in the country.

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Education, healthcare top lawmakers’ priorities

The Punjab Assembly on Monday passed a resolution containing lawmakers’ recommendations for the budget of the next fiscal year.

The resolution proposed that steps should be taken to improve basic education and healthcare facilities and upgrade the existing infrastructure. It also proposed measures for agricultural development, equitable distribution of development funds, identifying new projects to . . . → Read More: Education, healthcare top lawmakers’ priorities