Mr Tarek Fatah on sale!

This person called Tarek Fatah never ceases to amaze me. He has an uncanny ability to tailor his writings and utterances to suit the desires of the audience he is addressing. No wonder then that he has been given residence and citizenship in a western country that should know better. Not content with . . . → Read More: Mr Tarek Fatah on sale!

The show must go on!

I am sad that a suicide bomber decided to massacre innocent women, children and men at Wagah Border near Lahore, Pakistan who were there to witness the daily flag hoisting ceremony. I am happy that people of Lahore were there again the very next day to show solidarity with our armed forces . . . → Read More: The show must go on!

The Political Economy of Intolerance in Pakistan

Intolerance in society – an individual with an intolerant mindset, or a community with values of intolerance and hatred – is the prime incubator for extremism, which manifests itself in the form of violent militancy and terrorism. Counter-terror policies are completely inadequate if they do not include the necessary social, political, educational and . . . → Read More: The Political Economy of Intolerance in Pakistan

Are you Clean or Grey?

LAHORE – An unprecedented cross-country intelligence operation is underway to comb out local and foreign elements who are playing or could play into the hands of terrorists, The Nation has learnt.

The mega operation is an important development in the efforts against terrorism. It is in fact the first major practical step being taken after . . . → Read More: Are you Clean or Grey?

Pakistan is on the right track

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan is a great blessing with a bright future. The government is determined to root out extremism and terrorism and solve other problems.

Sartaj Aziz, an enthusiast of the Pakistan Movement and Adviser to the Prime Minister for Foreign Affairs and National Security, said this while expressing his views in an exclusive interview with . . . → Read More: Pakistan is on the right track

Questioning the problem of national heritage

By Rasul Bakhsh Rais

The burning of Ziarat Residency, a national heritage and symbol of honour for many of us, which was the last place where the founder of the country rested before death, came as a big shock. For those who understand the character of the several streams of violent groups, some of which . . . → Read More: Questioning the problem of national heritage

Karachi calling

Urban violence has become a permanent affliction in Karachi. Anyone explaining the roots of this violence to you would say ‘it’s complicated’ – and that is indeed an accurate summary of the bloodshed that erupts across the city in random spurts. The plague of violence in Pakistan’s biggest city and commercial hub is multifaceted. From . . . → Read More: Karachi calling

Dealing with Burma: Reality versus Rumor

July 12th: According to ‘some’ international news agencies: 500 villages torched, thousands killed by Buddhist mobs and the Burmese army.

July 16th: The photos, all the evidence is out!

July 17th: Somehow all of that makes Pakistanis are unpatriotic for not staying in the country.

July 19th: Google images prove the photos were a . . . → Read More: Dealing with Burma: Reality versus Rumor

Dr. Afridi delivers another blow to polio eradication in Pakistan

With the story going through so many changes so quickly, the truth about Dr Afridi’s case is cloudier than ever. One thing is clear, though – Dr Afridi did engage in one indefensible act: Using a critical healthcare programme as cover for his activities. Unfortunately, in expressing concern about Afridi’s willingness to risk the credibility . . . → Read More: Dr. Afridi delivers another blow to polio eradication in Pakistan

Tacstrat: What double-game?

By Zoon Ahmad Khan

For the most part Americans and the World believe Pakistan has fallen no short of treacherous in the ‘War on terror’ that started eleven years ago. Islamabad’s so-called ‘shady tactics’ have given her biggest ally cold feet, time and again. With aid cuts and unilateral attacks Washington has been able to . . . → Read More: Tacstrat: What double-game?