Is there a Pakistan to go back home to?

Last week, my husband and I finally booked our return tickets to Pakistan. It was a proud moment, happy moment, not just because we had been saving to buy them for months, but because we had not been home in nearly two years.

Two years! It seemed like a lifetime. We had missed much: babies, . . . → Read More: Is there a Pakistan to go back home to?

Telefilm “Imtihaan Hai Imtihaan”

Fundamentalistic “Secularism”

From time to time human vanity has received grave shock at the hands of science. Copernicus (1473-1543) drew the first nail in the coffin of ‘geocentricism’. The concept of Aristotelian universe was based on the dogma designed by Ptolemy which had placed heavens at the outermost of the Astronomical regions, whereas earth was placed in . . . → Read More: Fundamentalistic “Secularism”