The man behind India’s ‘polio-free’

Experts for years doubted whether polio could be eradicated in India because of the size and diversity of the population and the fact that it has stubbornly persisted in the poorest and hardest to reach communities with the worst sanitation and water.

Two years ago, India was declared polio free in large part because of . . . → Read More: The man behind India’s ‘polio-free’

Distrust reverberating through silence in a metro

The girl wasn’t aware that the Udyog Bhavan Metro station in central Delhi had been shut down. In the Metro going to Gurgaon, she needed to get down at Udyog Bhavan. Her friend was waiting in a car outside the station. She waited at the door. The train stopped too, but the gates didn’t open. . . . → Read More: Distrust reverberating through silence in a metro

India’s Cry Wolf App?

‘Rape Capital’ Delhi, sprawling metropolis and epicenter of the Government of India, is also victim to elements of endemic sexual violence. Earlier this year an English local newspaper published statistics under the headline: Shame on Delhi Men. “The dazzling streets of Delhi hide a dark truth,” it said, publishing the results of a poll revealing . . . → Read More: India’s Cry Wolf App?