Three Cups Of Tea Won’t Be Enough For Pakistan

Since the publication of Three Cups of Tea,Americans have lavished nearly $60 million on Greg Mortenson’s Central Asia Institute, to build schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Last week, four years after the book came out, someone — CBS’s 60 Minutes — finally visited the schools that Mortenson claims to have built, and found many empty, . . . → Read More: Three Cups Of Tea Won’t Be Enough For Pakistan

Three Cups of BS

The world was shocked by a report on CBS’s 60 Minutes this week that accused bestselling author and humanitarian Greg Mortenson of being a fraud. Not only were some of the stories from his book fabricated, 60 Minutes alleges, but the charity that Mortenson created to build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan never built . . . → Read More: Three Cups of BS

Cup Half-Empty

Under the burden of a 60 Minutes exposé on CBS and a blistering, 75-page takedown by adventure writer Jon Krakauer, Greg Mortenson’s phenomenally successful weaving together of fact and fiction has already faced more scrutiny than most pop philanthropy ever receives in its entire shelf life. While opinions about Mortenson have always varied within the . . . → Read More: Cup Half-Empty