Pakistan must be provided reasons and proof before deportation

Pakistan will refuse to accept any citizens deported from mainland Europe, halting repatriations at a time when European leaders facing an influx of migration are desperate to streamline procedures, the interior ministry said on Wednesday.

Globally, around 90,000 people were deported back to Pakistan last year for a variety of offences, but in some cases . . . → Read More: Pakistan must be provided reasons and proof before deportation

No country for the beardless

As the rest of the world observed the International Women’s Day this month, our nation was once again reminded of how far it still needs to travel before it begins to consider women and children, humans. For 18-year-old Amna of Muzafargarh, the world is not her oyster…it shattered the day she was raped by six . . . → Read More: No country for the beardless

How we make rape possible


As I write this, there are protests going on all over Delhi, and in other parts of the country, against the gang-rape of a young woman on a moving bus a few days ago in the city. People are out there in large numbers — young, old, male, female, rich, poor — . . . → Read More: How we make rape possible

Kashmir: the Martyrs’ Day

By Sajjad Shaukat

The Martyrs’ Day, popularly known as Youme Shuhada-e-Kashmir is observed on July 13 every year on both sides of the Line of Control and all over the world by the Kashmiris to pay homage to 22 Kashmiris who were martyred in 1931 to free Kashmir from the brutalities of despotic Dogra rulers. . . . → Read More: Kashmir: the Martyrs’ Day

The religion box

The National Database and Registration Authority’s (NADRA) refusal to change MPA Rana Mahmood’s religion from “Islam” to “Christianity” has many boxed in.

. . . → Read More: The religion box

India’s Cry Wolf App?

‘Rape Capital’ Delhi, sprawling metropolis and epicenter of the Government of India, is also victim to elements of endemic sexual violence. Earlier this year an English local newspaper published statistics under the headline: Shame on Delhi Men. “The dazzling streets of Delhi hide a dark truth,” it said, publishing the results of a poll revealing . . . → Read More: India’s Cry Wolf App?

Struggles of Kashmiris, Palestinians are linked: Syed Ali Gilani

In occupied Kashmir, veteran Kashmiri Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani has said that the freedom struggles of Kashmiris and Palestinians are linked and appealed the people to register their protest peacefully against the illegal occupation of Kashmir and Palestine by observing August 19 as Yaum-e-Shuhada and August 26 as Yaum-e-Quds.

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Hum Pakistani hain Pakistan Hamara hai

Syed Ali Shah Geelani with crowd chanting the above slogan as well as large Pakistani flag being raised on Srinagar’s lal-chowk. Pakistan flags are being raised in the occupied territory. Thousands chant ‘Pakistan Hamara hai, Hum Pakistani hain’ in rallies protesting Indian rule and demanding freedom.

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