Pakistan’s inconsistent blasphemy laws


PAKISTAN’S blasphemy laws are inconsistent with a number of human rights including freedom of expression; freedom of thought, conscience and religion; and equal protection of the law, which have all been well documented by human rights groups.

One aspect of the blasphemy law, particularly Section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC), . . . → Read More: Pakistan’s inconsistent blasphemy laws

Humanity has failed

The terrorists who attacked and massacred children in Peshawar, murderers who end lives all around the world, or States that wage wars on the innocent, are not the worst. For me, even the most vicious of murders is surpassed, in brutality and inhumanity, by rape.

The act of sexually assaulting or abusing another human . . . → Read More: Humanity has failed

Humans should not be bound by borders

I believe in a human right to migration, as fundamental as the right to freedom of expression, or freedom from discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, religion or sexuality. I have come by this belief by migrating myself. (I’m inclined to prefer the terms migrant and migration to immigrant and immigration: the latter two . . . → Read More: Humans should not be bound by borders

How is Bangladesh doing

I wrote almost a year ago in another Pakistani journal about what I like to call “The Bangladesh Paradox.” The paradox is that, in traditional development theory, Bangladesh should have become, over the past 25 years, a modernized democracy, knocking on the door of entry into the middle income category of developing countries. Its economy . . . → Read More: How is Bangladesh doing

Breaking the vicious cycle

Concerns regarding the kind of expenditure that Eid demands start as soon as Ramadan begins. For daily wage workers and households that are able to save little, Eid is more so dreaded. With little opportunity to find employment during the three days that Eid stretches for most households struggle with putting food on the table. . . . → Read More: Breaking the vicious cycle

Murder report – when the law fails to protect the minorities

Pakistan, a state built for Muslims but very much inclusive of other ‘minorities’ has on many occasions breached this notion which has led to the society now becoming increasingly intolerant of the ethno and religio-ethnic minorities present within Pakistan. News have been infiltrated with the wave of Shi’i genocides of the Hazara in Baluchistan, Shi’i . . . → Read More: Murder report – when the law fails to protect the minorities

The ‘other’ martyrs

This week, Rashid Rehman joined the ranks of Salman Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti. A brave and courageous man, Rehman was the only lawyer in south Punjab brave enough to defend Junaid Hafeez, a visiting professor at Bahauddin Zakriya University now called a blasphemy accused. And he was murdered for it.

Rehman’s . . . → Read More: The ‘other’ martyrs

UN General Assembly passes resolution condemning drone strikes

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly has adopted a resolution, calling on States using drone strikes as a counter terrorism measure to comply with international law as the 193-member body acted on a range of issues relating mainly to human rights.

. . . → Read More: UN General Assembly passes resolution condemning drone strikes

A dream of pure Hindu India

By Brig Asif Haroon Raja

While India brags about democracy, secularism and human rights, in reality Hindu Brahmans aspire for Hindu Raj. They consider themselves to be pure and superior and all other communities impure and inferior. Four-fold caste system was conceived by the Brahmans to maintain their unchallenged supremacy. Brahmans insist that castes . . . → Read More: A dream of pure Hindu India

Let Pakistan be secular

By Saeed Qureshi The rigid and myopic application of constitution’s articles 62 and 63 to determine the suitability of candidates for contesting this year’s elections has gone too far. While Pakistan is awash with endemic violence, unremitting abuse and infringement of every moral, social and religious injunction, paradoxically a strict religious, unrealistic and fanciful ethical . . . → Read More: Let Pakistan be secular