From “Incredible” to “Extremist” India

Who was Muhammad Akhlaq? He was a young hard working Muslim living in a village in India. One day the village priest told the Hindus of the village that Muhammad Akhlaq had slaughtered a cow and that its meat was in a freezer in his home. Hardly anything to bother about yet the . . . → Read More: From “Incredible” to “Extremist” India

The mother of all ironies

While Pakistan is engaged in an extremely difficult war against terrorism and is making commendable progress in rooting out the menace, few self-proclaimed ‘patriotic intellectuals’ sit comfortably in their offices miles away and spew venom on print media that sabotages the efforts made by those at the forefront of this mission. The narrative . . . → Read More: The mother of all ironies

Indian court legalizes marriage with minors

DELHI: A court in the country’s capital stirred up controversy when it said on Monday that marraige with an underage girl was permissible under Indian Law.

The city court in Delhi said that provisions of the the Protection of Children from Sexual Offence (POCSO) Act suggested that where a physical relationship is undertaken with a . . . → Read More: Indian court legalizes marriage with minors

Brahmans take over Cricket in India

By Pankaj Mishra

Since its inauguration in 2008, the Indian Premier League, India’s biggest sporting and television spectacle, has often been on the front rather than the sports page of Indian newspapers. “Rich, fast and powerful,” this abbreviated version of the British sport of cricket became “for many an image of the new India,” . . . → Read More: Brahmans take over Cricket in India

Stand Up for the Real Champions

The fixation we have with comparing ourselves to Incredible India has been served. In news that comes partly as surprise and partly as reconfirmation of extreme-case apprehensions that have found resonance in recent years, total funds amounting to 1,441 million Swiss francs belonging to Pakistani individuals and entities are lying in Swiss banks.

It is . . . → Read More: Stand Up for the Real Champions

How must a rapist be punished?

The power of protests has borne some result in India whose cabinet last week approved stricter punishments for rapists, including the death penalty should a rape victim die, following the death of a gang-rape victim in New Delhi. If approved by President Pranab Mukherjee (and then parliament within six months), the law will see the . . . → Read More: How must a rapist be punished?

Who will provide affirmative action in India?

Consumed with weapon purchases, maritime capabilities and external threats from China and Pakistan, India has it seems neglected to peek at the state of affairs within its own boundaries. In the past few months, multiple incidents infringing the right of freedom of speech have occurred which has prompted writer Salman Rushdie to smear India with . . . → Read More: Who will provide affirmative action in India?

The Amazing Indian Army

Though western media have a soft corner for India, as they consider it a largest democracy of the world and a secular state, reports abound that India’s security forces use torture and rape as a weapon to punish, intimidate, humiliate and degrade the victims in Kashmir and elsewhere in India. The pattern of Army’s misconduct . . . → Read More: The Amazing Indian Army

Why have grades become a matter of life and death?

By Amit Baruah

Mummy, papa, mujhe pata hai ki main jo kar rahi hoon woh galat hai, lekin maine socha tha ki agar main sare subjects main pass nahin ho payi to main jaan de doongi aur main maths aur chemistry mein fail ho gayi. Goodbye.

That’s what Prerna Rai (14), a class VIII student . . . → Read More: Why have grades become a matter of life and death?

The Reality of india

Contrary to false news reports about a “rising India”, its “booming economy” and it being among the “next engines of economic growth”, India is going nowhere. It’s a Third World festering pustule, bursting at the seams with 1.2 billion uncultured barbarians, ruled by an “elite” bunch of savages that is perhaps the world’s most corrupt, . . . → Read More: The Reality of india