Christine Fair’s failed logic

Ms Fair’s articles no longer make waves. They are so tiring and boring and the topic is always the same — Pakistan. This time the title of her latest is — Honor our Fallen By Getting Real on Pakistan — and sadly she honors no one, certainly not the fallen, by yet another . . . → Read More: Christine Fair’s failed logic

Paranoid Android

It is a misnomer to continuously beat up on the Pakistani state’s ever-evolving strategic fear of India, when clearly; it should not come as a surprise that the South Asian country’s security challenges do not protrude only from the east. Moreover, this has been wholly realized within not only the country’s intelligentsia and . . . → Read More: Paranoid Android

The ugly man in USA

By Ghalib Sultan

A former political appointee Pakistani ambassador to the US has been resident in the US since 2012. He moved there after a court case investigated his possible connivance in a letter to the US asking them to make defanging the Pakistan military a condition for US support. At that time the term . . . → Read More: The ugly man in USA

Pak nuclear weapons dangerous, Indian safe

On April 6, 2015, The New York Times published an editorial titled Nuclear Fears in South Asia. The editorial portrayed Pakistan’s nuclear weapon capability as an ultra-sensitive concern for the global community; however, India’s mighty nuclear quest was exempted from this category, using its vibrant democratic system of governance as a justification.

I am still . . . → Read More: Pak nuclear weapons dangerous, Indian safe

Undermining Pak-India peace process

Pakistan is at a critical juncture in its fight against terrorism. After Peshawar attack, there is a new resolve in civil-military leadership to deal with this menace for long term peace and stability in the country. While Afghanistan has offered full cooperation to Pakistan in this war, there is another neighboring country that . . . → Read More: Undermining Pak-India peace process

A dalit girl burnt alive in India

A 17-year-old Dalit girl, in Diwan-Tola hamlet of Patthardewa village in Kushinagar district, was set on fire on Thursday morning.

According to the police, the four accused were angry because the victim was appearing for the ongoing intermediate examinations.

As per the victim’s statement to the police, the student was alone in her hut and . . . → Read More: A dalit girl burnt alive in India

Obama’s India visit exposes USA’s weaknesses

Shashank Joshi makes a good case for the importance of Obama’s visit to India last month, and against my view that there is much less to the US-India alignment than meets the eye.

My argument is that their underlying strategic objectives remain too different for real strategic alignment. Shashank says that sets the bar too . . . → Read More: Obama’s India visit exposes USA’s weaknesses

Pakistan asks India to give evidence on terror boat

Pakistan today said it expects India to conduct a “transparent” probe to ascertain the facts of the boat incident while highlighting that its own investigation has shown that there was “no sound evidence” to substantiate India’s assertions.

“On the so called terror boat incident, India has not approached Pakistan through diplomatic channels,” Pakistan Foreign Office . . . → Read More: Pakistan asks India to give evidence on terror boat

Eliminating the beasts amongst us

HISTORY tells us that it is not the majority but a resolute minority that brings change. Those pained by the existence of bigotry and violence in Pakistan often argue that it is a fanatical intolerant minority that is holding our country hostage, which otherwise comprises rational, tolerant and amiable people. Has the Peshawar catastrophe given . . . → Read More: Eliminating the beasts amongst us

26th Nov 2014 – Foreign Policy updates

Pakistani media mogul sentenced for purported blasphemy

On Tuesday Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman, the owner of Geo News, Pakistan’s largest media group, was sentenced to 26 years in jail for airing a program that showed people dancing to a song about the wedding of the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter (Reuters). The charges were brought against ur-Rehman after the . . . → Read More: 26th Nov 2014 – Foreign Policy updates