Does Modi actually have a Pakistan policy

Sometimes one wishes one were wrong — such as when I had assessed in late May that the advisors of the newly-elected prime minister Narendra Modi sold to him a “bizarre and high-risk idea”, packaged as “bold initiative”, when they prevailed upon him to invite Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to attend his inaugural ceremony . . . → Read More: Does Modi actually have a Pakistan policy

Now it’s Pakistan’s war

By Fatima Rizvi

In todays interconnected world no country is alone because the media makes sure that everything is splashed across in headlines and breaking news breaks. One just has to take the time to survey the world. Right now the Somali terrorist group Al Shabab is carrying out bombings in Somalia and Kenya. Sudan is facing . . . → Read More: Now it’s Pakistan’s war

As the government plays ostrich and dresses windows

By Ayaz Amir

This government – more a family limited company with each passing day – now looks like a patient in a hospital ward, paralysed from the waist downwards. The few doctors around are wearing gloomy and mournful expressions.

The last time Nawaz Sharif was prime minister it took him two and a half . . . → Read More: As the government plays ostrich and dresses windows

The twist in history by the twisted historians!

I found this post on a website, the original article was so biased and one sided but the comment below the article was so well researched and befitting! You can read the article if you like (from the website link provided) but you must read the comment which I have copy pasted here (I hope this . . . → Read More: The twist in history by the twisted historians!


Bruce Riedel, a former CIA man and now affiliated with a Washington think-tank is no friend of Pakistan. This much was always clear from his writings. Now an article written by him and published in India’s Hindustan Times seems to indicate that he is no friend of India’s either. What he has proposed as an . . . → Read More: FORK TONGUED PALEFACES

What was gained from the 11th May rallies?

May 11 was D Day at D Chowk Islamabad. People converged there from all over on the call of the political party that formed the government in Khyber Pakhtukhwa after the elections on May 11, 2013 just one year ago. No one was sure what they were rallying for but they came to protest their many . . . → Read More: What was gained from the 11th May rallies?

How Geo & Jang Group over estimated their strength

By Azmaish Ka Waqt

Did GEO News and Jang Group bite off more than they could chew?   

On April 19, 2014, senior news anchor and journalist Hamid Mir was attacked by gunmen when on his way to the GEO Karachi office from the airport. The attack made breaking news headlines on all Pakistani news . . . → Read More: How Geo & Jang Group over estimated their strength

A Tribute to Army and ISI

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Post by Syed Shoaib Shah.

Think before you blame

As the unofficial fourth pillar of the state, the media has a sensitive job – perhaps even one of the most sensitive: telling the truth as it is. In a world where truth no longer sells, the media has its job cut out for itself trying to juggle various stakeholders in the complex . . . → Read More: Think before you blame


From the venom pouring out in the newspapers and electronic channels of one media group it seems that a choice has been made.

The policy given or adopted by all who are associated with this group is to use all and every means to defame and run down an intelligence agency. The journalist whose shooting . . . → Read More: THE WRONG CHOICE