Acts of terrorism for 2015 in Pakistan

Some 588 people were killed and another 1,007 sustained injuries in 821 incidents of terrorism in the country during the first eight months of the year.

This was revealed in a month-wise break-up issued by the interior division for the period between January and September 2015. January and May proved to be the deadliest months . . . → Read More: Acts of terrorism for 2015 in Pakistan

Recognising Dignity

(By NAWEEN A. MANGI) SINDH is home to a large youth population that is utterly frustrated, bitter and angry. They are also an incredible social, economic and psychological burden for their struggling families and impoverished communities.

The tale is similar all across rural Sindh. Farm workers who tend land owned by someone else aspire to . . . → Read More: Recognising Dignity

The role of the energy crisis

PAKISTAN’S energy crisis may upstage terrorism as a major security threat faced by the country. Long duration of load-shedding in the blistering heat has triggered a spate of protests in KP, Sindh and Punjab, resulting in damage to government property and infrastructure.

While these protests have yet to gain sufficient momentum to become an organised . . . → Read More: The role of the energy crisis

Our National Sport

If Pakistanis want to excel in their national sport it should be formally changed from hockey to blame-game. As the death toll in Karachi crosses over 1000, there are not enough beds in the hospitals and no space left in morgues and graveyards. To state the obvious, there is a lack of emergency . . . → Read More: Our National Sport

The core issues in Karachi

No matter how anyone tries to describe Karachi, from the ethnic areas to the communities, and to the landmarks that spot the landscape, the economic hub of Pakistan is a city without peace. For many, Karachi is mini-Pakistan, where everyone can earn higher wages than they can earn in their villages and other urban . . . → Read More: The core issues in Karachi

PPP banking on Bilawal

A monumental task

Leaving aside the debate whether it is democratic to have leaders at the helm of political parties that are placed there because of the surname they carry, Bilawal is reportedly back within the party fold. Where does Bilawal go from here?

It is well known that there exists an in-party divide. . . . → Read More: PPP banking on Bilawal

Former jail superintendent Aijaz Haider shot in Karachi

Former jail superintendent of Hyderabad police Aijaz Haider was killed Friday when gunmen opened fire on his car near Karachi’s Pehlwan Goth area.

According to Senior Superintendent of Police East, unidentified gunmen opened fire on his vehicle near Pehlwan Goth jurisdiction of PS Shahrah-i-Faisal. Subsequently, he was killed whereas his wife sustained injuries in the . . . → Read More: Former jail superintendent Aijaz Haider shot in Karachi

Karachi Bus Massacre

Six men armed with 9mm pistols dressed in police or security guard uniforms riding three motorcycles stopped a bus loaded with men and women of the Ismaili community in broad daylight on a busy Karachi street. They boarded the bus and killed 43 at close range and in cold blood. The Chief Minister . . . → Read More: Karachi Bus Massacre

Three killed and 7 injured as speeding bus runs over them in Karachi

Three people were killed and seven others injured when a speeding bus ran them over on Tuesday in Karachi’s Liaquatabad area.

Enraged by the incident, protesters set the bus on fire. The police had to resort to aerial firing to disperse the angry protesters.

As per initial reports, the brakes of the bus had failed . . . → Read More: Three killed and 7 injured as speeding bus runs over them in Karachi

Dealing with MQM in UK

As the recent arrest of Mohammed Anwar in relation to money laundering shows, there is little sign of the pressure on the MQM letting up. And money laundering is just one of the issues the party has to worry about. The Pakistani authorities are more interested in the question of whether Altaf Hussain is using . . . → Read More: Dealing with MQM in UK