Karachi police dig out 7 tortured bodies

KARACHI: In the recent episode of violent incidents and target killings in the business hub of the country, seven tortured bodies were recovered from Manghopir area while a policeman was also killed in Korangi on Monday morning, Geo News reported.

According to the rescue sources, the bodies bearing torture marks were found dumped in the . . . → Read More: Karachi police dig out 7 tortured bodies

Balochistan’s doctors stage protest

The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) warned on Wednesday of closing casualty and emergency wards of all major hospitals if the government failed to recover kidnapped senior psychiatrist Dr Ghulam Rasool within 48 hours.

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Inside the Kidnappers Mind

Just like all the other crimes, this one is a part and parcel of life in Karachi. Hearing about a case of abduction did not really give me goose bumps before. However, all this changed the day one of my own kin got kidnapped.

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Shams ul Anwar, and all people who have wasted our trust

In the last two days, Pakistan’s liberal elites and rights activists on social media (Twitter in particular) were seen extremely worried about the daughter of an ex-army soldier Shamsul Anwar, a resident of Rawalpindi. He had a great story to tell us all that what he did for the nation and what is being done . . . → Read More: Shams ul Anwar, and all people who have wasted our trust


If there is democracy and people are the most important factor in a democracy then there is something seriously wrong.

There is a news story in Pakistan Today (11.1.12) about the travails of an ex soldier. This unfortunate man made the mistake of helping the police in thwarting a bomb attack on a shrine. In . . . → Read More: THE IGNORED REALITY

The Pakistan Scene

Some years ago a patriotic Parsi Pakistani was kidnapped from Quetta. He was a businessman, a taxpayer, former MPA and very well connected. The ransom demanded was Rupees One Billion. He was never recovered and died in captivity. Some months ago his wife was kidnapped and in spite of a heavy ransom having been . . . → Read More: The Pakistan Scene

Four women kidnapped, ‘sold in Balochistan’

Four of the five women kidnapped fromSakhi Sarwar shrine following a suicide blast on April 3 have been sold in Barkhan district of Balochistan, Muhammad Sarfaraz, whose wife was among them was told.

Sarfaraz said he went to Barkhan and met some men who said they had been involved in trading women kidnapped and . . . → Read More: Four women kidnapped, ‘sold in Balochistan’

Aisha’s father-in-law maimed her and blamed the Taliban

The father-in-law of an Afghan teenager whose nose and ears were hacked off after she fled her husband’s abusive home is being questioned by police.

Haji Suleman, who was arrested in the Chora district of central Uruzgan province, told the BBC he was innocent.

Aisha was given a prosthetic nose after featuring on a controversial . . . → Read More: Aisha’s father-in-law maimed her and blamed the Taliban