At least 48 killed, over 80 injured in suicide blast at Wagah border

According to initial reports, the damaged vehicles included five motorcycles and two passenger rickshaws. PHOTO: EXPRESS NEWS



 Lahore: At least 48 people, including two Rangers personnel and children, were . . . → Read More: At least 48 killed, over 80 injured in suicide blast at Wagah border

Pakistan – 360° love


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36 hours in Lahore

(by Paul · in Uncategorized) A popular travel column in the New York Times called “36 hours in…” has covered over 700 cities ranging from Lijiang, China to New Haven, Connecticut.

But never a city in Pakistan.

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Online entrepreneur women of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: As many as 6,000 women entrepreneurs in urban and rural areas of Pakistan are now successfully marketing their homemade products online.

This was made possible after they got digital marketing training under the “Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme” offered by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), which started in 2011.

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IJT students to appear in court today for Lahore violence

Heavy contingent of police has been deployed at the Punjab University new campus, as the Islami Jamiat Tulaba (IJT) miscreants arrested yesterday will be presented in the court today (Tuesday).

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Survival of the fittest

On Tuesday morning around 10am, with the sun in its full glory and waves of hot air making it impossible to stand outside, I was in the court room of the Lahore High Court awaiting my turn. As I stood there, I noticed teenagers, around 16-17 years of age, standing in the court room looking . . . → Read More: Survival of the fittest

Mystery of the political tiger


LAHORE, Pakistan—It has been a tiring campaign ahead of Saturday’s Pakistani elections, with leading politicians crisscrossing the country to press the flesh. It has been particularly exhausting for Idris Ahmed Ali’s pets.

Mr. Ali, a businessman here in Pakistan’s second-largest city, owns six tigers and two pumas, in addition to goats, chicken, cows . . . → Read More: Mystery of the political tiger

1 dead in LDA plaza fire, Lahore

LAHORE: A fire that erupted at the LDA plaza situated on Lahore’s Edgerton road killed three persons, injured two and trapped several others inside the building, reportedExpress News on Thursday.

The fire that erupted around noon started on the 7th and 8th floor of the building and rapidly engulfed three more floors.

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The picture on top says it all. A mob in the background and an exultant youth in the foreground with smoke, fire and burning homes all around. This was the scene in the heart of Lahore when Christian homes were set on fire because of alleged blasphemy by a Christian who had already been booked . . . → Read More: PAKISTAN SHAMED!!

English Medium only

This spring yellow kites were replaced by yellow balloons and a rush of language and pros that Lahore has long awaited. As the hub of cultural commotion for centuries, and the birthplace of many internationally recognized writers and poets like Bapsi Sidhwa, Mohsin Hamid, it is quite bizarre that such an event has never been . . . → Read More: English Medium only