United States role in Mumbai Attacks

By Adrian Levy & Cathy Scott Clark

Five years on, this is what we now know. A valued CIA proxy, who infiltrated the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), a banned Pakistani Islamist outfit, planned the Mumbai attacks in which 166 people were killed, and more than 300 injured. David Headley, an American citizen, conceived, scoped and ran supplies . . . → Read More: United States role in Mumbai Attacks

War is too serious an issue to be left to the Generals

In the days before the Empire, generals – particularly Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs – kept their mouths shut. The Founders’ justified fears of military intrusion into the political realm were still present in the American consciousness, and the idea that an American general might try to influence policy directly, by making public statements on . . . → Read More: War is too serious an issue to be left to the Generals

A Paranoid, Nuclear Nation

Pakistan should be one, not both; and its people should choose between paranoia and power before it’s too late

For Pakistan, the writing on the wall is clear: Since 2001, we sided with the US in its War on Terror, which was actually a War OF Terror.

. . . → Read More: A Paranoid, Nuclear Nation

My Promise to Pakistan

March 23 is the day every Pakistani celebrates a holiday. What for? In 1940, the All India Muslim League gathered at Lahore, Pakistan, to resolve for the creation of an independent Muslim homeland, as the Muslims were a separate nation of the Indian subcontinent. Enough of the history lesson; where are we today? Are we . . . → Read More: My Promise to Pakistan

Voices of Pakistan

For better or worse, the amplification accorded to a voice is seldom commensurate with the rationality of the views it espouses. This fact has never been truer than in the present times; an age of powerful media linked with powerful interests. With limited air time and printing space available, the voices that do receive attention . . . → Read More: Voices of Pakistan

True Lies: Wikileaks and the Pakistani Media

The Truth Shall Set You Free

In a world consumed with niceties and courtesies, where insults and admonishments are laced and veiled with subtleties and adornments, Wikileaks broke quite a few boundaries. Firstly, it dealt a deathly blow to the veil of secrecy (or ignorance) behind which the powers-that-be plotted and planned, whilst the . . . → Read More: True Lies: Wikileaks and the Pakistani Media

Indian hand evident in Balochistan, Waziristan

A cable from US Embassy in Islamabad leaked by whistle-blower website WikiLeaks disclosed that there were enough evidences of Indian involvement in Waziristan and other tribal areas of Pakistan as well as Balochistan.

The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha’s extension in services was termed as a good omen in one such cable and . . . → Read More: Indian hand evident in Balochistan, Waziristan