The Drone Syndrome

As another drama-queen-potential-savior explores the niche created by lack of justice and bad governance, we ask ourselves questions about this man’s origins and motivations. Qadri’s history is well known. Part of the Musharraff government, in 2006 he left for Canada and acquired a citizenship. Qadri is the co-founder of a social welfare organization ‘Minhaj-ul-Quran’, currently . . . → Read More: The Drone Syndrome

More than a like

In the history of mankind, people have chosen various ways to express discontent against the prevailing social, political and economic regimes. Some have been covert in nature while others have been more overt like mass protests and destruction of public property. Nowadays, a new kind of activism is emerging through the internet. Many people, especially . . . → Read More: More than a like

Facts you overlooked in the Mediagate scandal

The Arsalan Iftikhar affair has made history but for the wrong reason. It may be the only case that was based entirely on hearsay and yet the Supreme Court took it up. Even in its preliminary stage, the affair has so many intriguing aspects that an investigative journalist can explore and bring out a bestseller . . . → Read More: Facts you overlooked in the Mediagate scandal

Selective Morality at every Level

By Salman Masood

The brouhaha over the Dunya News video leak has shifted the spotlight from the real issue of accountability to the dark underbelly of the television news networks. Though it fills me with a sense of gratification that within days of writing an article for this newspaper, (“Modern-day gladiators”, June . . . → Read More: Selective Morality at every Level

Tycoon in a Typhoon

There is that story about a bull frog that wanted to be the biggest and kept puffing himself up till he burst. Now everyone knows, of course, that a bubble if it continues to expand must at some point burst and splatter everybody around it. So it is with an empire, real estate or some . . . → Read More: Tycoon in a Typhoon

Minister summoned over irregularities

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has decided to summon Railways Minister Haji Ghulam Ahmed Bilour regarding obliging pilgrims for free Hajj and misusing the quota of last year’s Hajj arrangements, which have cost two federal ministers their jobs, officials said on Sunday.

Bilour has misused his Hajj quota and accommodated close to two dozen pilgrims . . . → Read More: Minister summoned over irregularities