A responsible media

(By Qudsia Farhat) Freedom of speech is considered to be one of the basic human rights and is included as indisputable in all major international conventions and national laws.

Due to the role they play in informing the public and creating public opinion, mass media and journalists are often said . . . → Read More: A responsible media

Shooting in the dark

What do you do if you think you are being threatened? You have to be clear on the exact nature of the threat and how it has been delivered. Did you get a call? Was it given in a one on one meeting? Were there witnesses? Have you received something in writing or via email? Was . . . → Read More: Shooting in the dark

Mouths louder than gun shots!

Karachi’s shooters targeted a prominent journalist and were promptly let off the hook by a segment of the media that immediately began making wild unfounded allegations about ISI (Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence Agency) being behind the attack.

The actual attackers and those who launched them must be laughing themselves silly because no one was really . . . → Read More: Mouths louder than gun shots!

PTA to test operators phone service quality starting February 2014

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) will start checking the quality of service provided by mobile operators from February. In this first test, PTA offices in major will test quality of service (QoS) and from then on it will be checked regularly, the Pakistan Daily Times reports. The regulator was criticised in the media . . . → Read More: PTA to test operators phone service quality starting February 2014

Media’s premature predictions could have led to ‘rigging’ allegations

Premature predictions raise concerns over media ethics

In an unbridled race to take lead in breaking news and exclusive footages, media, especially one particular TV channel, behaved irresponsibly and prompted all losers in the recently-held elections to get into the polling stations and maneuver elections as desired.

. . . → Read More: Media’s premature predictions could have led to ‘rigging’ allegations

The SC shouldn’t censor media through contempt of court charges

Broad Contempt Powers Used to Censor Press.

Pakistan’s judges should cease using their contempt of court powers to prevent the media from airing programming critical of the judiciary, Human Rights Watch said today.

. . . → Read More: The SC shouldn’t censor media through contempt of court charges

Malice in Wonderland

The debacle in Islamabad today was nothing new. Torching the diplomatic enclave? We’re capable of much worse. A businessman who refused to partake in protests in Hyderabad was accused of blasphemy, and the police registered a case against him. I supposed Haji Nasrullah Khan won’t be doing much business in Hyderabad anymore . . . → Read More: Malice in Wonderland

The Inadequacies of Pakistan’s Liberal Media

From a tool for state propaganda to playing whistle blower in high profile scandals, the media of a country yields incredible potential by holding the reigns to the sway of public opinion. The interminable manifestation of violence in the country fuelled by religious extremism has by design or default blackened more pages than any other . . . → Read More: The Inadequacies of Pakistan’s Liberal Media

Journalism in jeopardy

It’s a cry you hear often from journalists in the West, and it’s easy to see why.

A 2010 study in the UK estimated that between 15,000 to 20,000 journalist had lost their jobs since 2001, and the cuts have continued over the last two years. In the UK, the cuts have not just been at . . . → Read More: Journalism in jeopardy


Is today’s news a modern form of drama?

“Lights, camera and… ACTION!”

No ladies and gentlemen, I will not be discussing the world of films. I would like to instead bring your attention to the world of news where the above phrase is very much used.

. . . → Read More: Dra-Media