Religious diktat

Despite their rather exaggerated spiritual appearances, the members of the CII are essentially worldly men. They live and breathe in the same society that they wish to rule.

The majestic maulana heading our Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) pulled another plug out from our already patchy family safety net. In his ‘wisdom’ and self-acquired divine . . . → Read More: Religious diktat

Is there a Pakistan to go back home to?

Last week, my husband and I finally booked our return tickets to Pakistan. It was a proud moment, happy moment, not just because we had been saving to buy them for months, but because we had not been home in nearly two years.

Two years! It seemed like a lifetime. We had missed much: babies, . . . → Read More: Is there a Pakistan to go back home to?

Jinnah and the religious right

Recent events have brought to the forefront the death grip that the religious right has over the ideology and direction of the state. However, what is seldom discussed is the inherent contradictions in the politics and ideas of the religious right from pre-Partition days to the present.

At the time when Jinnah was spearheading the . . . → Read More: Jinnah and the religious right